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Port Status

driver status comments
LCD 100% Drawing into our classic framebuffer. Android draws from that in its usual update procedures with the aid of the Bitmap and SurfaceVuew? classes
Keys 100% Touchscreen + front buttons all working, no keyboard support yet though
Music playback 80% Playing music files back works flawlessly using AudioTrack? API (NOTE: some HTC phones with 2.1 are broken and may not be able to keep decoding if in the background). Some people report sporadic failure
FM Radio 0% Not yet implemented. There's no API for this, seems to be something the manufacturers add onto their OS (without opening the source)
Recording 0% Not yet implemented
Power Management 95% Battery level readout works. Rockbox idles quite efficiently when not playing music. Idle poweroff and sleep timer work. Dynamic ticks would be nice
Host integration 90% Receiving calls, backlight on/off, Activity pause/unpause is handled, wired headset buttons work. Android widgets for yesno and keyboard input are used. Homescreen widget. Sharing volume with global OS volume


  • Integrate the port into the build system so we can distribute .apk files.
  • Research what's needed in order to be able to distribute Rockbox for multiple screen dimensions (that can, but needn't, mean that Rockbox should be build screen resolution independent)
    • a patch which implements dynamic screen sizes is available on the tracker
  • Maybe FM Radio and Recording

Procedure for installation from source

  • NOTE: The installation has only been tested on Linux so far, but should in theory work on Windows(cygwin)/Mac as well.
  • Download and install the Android SDK and NDK from and
  • Set up the SDK and NDK as per README in the android folder.
  • If you like eclipse: Import the Rockbox eclipse project from the android folder (File->New->Other->Android->Android Project; then select 'Create Project from existing Source')
  • Make the environment variables ANDROID_SDK_PATH point to the SDK and ANDROID_NDK_PATH to the NDK directories (the latter is needed by configure).
  • Build as usual in the android/ directory of Rockbox trunk (configure with tools/configure and follow the directions) (../tools/configure && make -j3)
  • Execute make zip and make apk (you need a debug signature setup for signing the apk).
  • Attach your phone and use 'adb install -r rockbox.apk' to install the app or use eclipse to "Run" the project.


-- ThomasMartitz - 2010-08-14
r18 - 28 Jul 2011 - 01:26:20 - JonathanGordon

Copyright by the contributing authors.