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Rockbox port to the AV120/140 Devices

Current Status

Current this port is only in the planning stages. This page currently only for documenting the hardware. No code has been written yet. When work has been done, this page will be updated to reflect what has been done. In the meantime, keep watch on both this page and the forum thread:

Hardware Summary

The AV1xx models are a rather interesting line of Archos players. Roughly resembling the Jukebox Recorder v2 players externally, the hardware under the hood is completely different. One of their big draws was their ability to play DivX, XviD, and AVI video files. The main components of the system are as follows:

  • Texas Instruments TMS320DSC25 (54 MHz ARM7TDMI plus DSP, 32KB IRAM, no cache)
  • Micronas MAS3587F audio codec/DSP
  • ATMEL ATF1504ASV 15AC100 0238 Programmable Logic Device
  • 16MB of RAM supplied by 2 IS42S16400A ISSI (64 Mbit - 8 MB) RAM chips
  • Cypress CY7C58300 56LFC USB Bridge (USB 2.0/ATA/ATAPI)
  • STMicroelectronics M41ST84W 512-bit (64 x 8) serial RTC with supervisory functions
  • Epson L2E1811D LCD Controller
  • Epson L2B18009-B000 LCD (237x234x16)

Like most other early Archos devices, these players use a 2.5" hard drive for storage, and are user replaceable. Information on the hard drive used in these models would be appreciated.


The AV1XX series is very well supported by the ArchOpen project. This can provide a lot of source code to get a Rockbox port started. The aoEmulator (available at the project site), although a hardware emulator for the AV3XX devices, should be able to emulate the AV1XX as well.

Here are some links of interest to the ArchOpen wiki:

Other Links of Interest:

Here's a page describing how to disassemble the AV1XX:

I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
42S16400A.pdfpdf 42S16400A.pdf manage 472.4 K 02 Jul 2007 - 23:57 RobertMenes Datasheet for the IS42S16400A ISSI RAM Chips
EN_UserGuide_JBM20_AV140_v11.pdfpdf EN_UserGuide_JBM20_AV140_v11.pdf manage 2640.2 K 03 Jul 2007 - 00:00 RobertMenes Jukebox Multimedia/AV1XX User's Manual (for those interested)
M41ST84W-RTC.pdfpdf M41ST84W-RTC.pdf manage 481.9 K 02 Jul 2007 - 23:55 RobertMenes Datasheet for M41ST84W RTC
MAS3587F_mXssyqs.pdfpdf MAS3587F_mXssyqs.pdf manage 734.2 K 02 Jul 2007 - 23:54 RobertMenes MAS3587 Data sheet
tms320dsc25pb.pdfpdf tms320dsc25pb.pdf manage 117.0 K 02 Jul 2007 - 23:56 RobertMenes Datasheet for the TI TMS320DSC25
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