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Features that we will not or cannot implement on the Archos line of players

Record to MP3pro format!

The recording hardware (the MAS) does not allow us to record to MP3pro.

Crossfade between tracks on devices using hardware MP3 decoding!

Crossfading would require two MP3 decoders, and we only have one. This is not possible.

Support MP3pro, WMA or other sound format playback!

The MP3 decoding hardware can only play MP3. We cannot make it play other sound formats.

Converting Ogg->MP3

The mp3-decoding hardware cannot decode Ogg. It can be reprogrammed, but there is too little memory for Ogg and we have no documentation on how to program the MAS's DSP.

Doing the conversion with the CPU is impossible, since a 12MHz SH1 is far too slow for this daunting task.

Multi-band equalizer!

The MAS only offers the standard bass/treble settings and we can't do anything about it.

CBR recording!

The MP3 encoding hardware does not allow this.

Change tempo of a song without changing pitch!

The MP3 decoding hardware does not allow this.

Graphic frequency (spectrum) analyzer!

We can't access the audio waveform from the MP3 decoder so we can't analyze it. Even if we had access to it, the CPU would probably be too slow to perform the analysis anyway.

Cool sound effects!

Adding new sound effects requires reprogramming the MAS chip, and we can't do that. The MAS chip is programmable, but we have no access to the chip documentation.

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