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Repair your JBR V1 battery connectors


A loose battery connector can give all kinds of weird behaviour:

  • Drastically lowered battery runtime
  • It shuts down or reboots when you squeeze the bumpers
  • It refuses to start up, saying something like this:

        HD register error
        SC1 (85) 128
        SN1 (170) 128
        SC2 (170) 128
        SN2 (85) 128

Performing the surgery

First you open up your recorder, this is described here.

This picture shows you the two solder joints that most often are broken.

Solder joints

Now you fire up your soldering iron and resolder the joints. Make sure that the PCB really is connected to the metal housing.

Solder joints

Once you have resoldered all joints, reassemble the recorder and start it up. The reassembly is described here.

Good luck!


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