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Background WPS feature

(This page is because some info needs to get written to be copied into the manual... and to get themres using it untill then...)


The idea behind this feature is to pretty up the statusbar... it lets you display anything from the WPS in an area outside of the rest of the UI. This will be put in (if accepted...) after FS#8799 which lets you choose where to place the UI (menus/lists/etc) in the screen (so it could be centered with a margin, or only the top half or whatever.) This addition will then put the WPS in the rest of the screen.


firstly, this will be controlled by a .cfg-only (i.e hidden) setting in the themes config file, and it will default to off (minimal work for existing themes). Themes will need to do the following:
  • Add a line to the .cfg to enable the background updating
  • Setup the UI viewport
  • Fix the .wps so it doesnt tr to draw in the UI viewport... if it does it wont work.


  • The wps and UI use 2 different background images... this could be a bad thing, or maybe not... when the wps is in the background mode it will use the background image from the UI... probably wont be fixed
  • it is entirely up to the .wps to make sure the UI viewport isnt drawn over... there will be a wps tag to use with conditionals to make solve this.
Other than that I cant think of anything that needs to be mentinoed.. All wps tags should work (note to self, there might be an issue when the track changes while in background mode....)

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r1 - 26 May 2009 - 23:56:09 - JonathanGordon

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