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Name Bertrik Sikken
Country Netherlands
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I own a Sandisk Sansa e260, a Sansa c240 (with radio), Sansa Clip 1 GB (with radio), Sansa Clip+ (2GB), Meizu M6SP, Samsung YP-S3, Sansa Clip Zip.

The Sansa Clip Zip is currently my favourite player.

Ideas for new features:
  • Implement "backlight" fading for the Sansa Clip players (clipv1, clipv2, clip+). See also FS#1178
  • A smarter battery remaining runtime estimate for players that cannot accurately measure current draw, simply based on the rate of charge reduction over time. For example, taking a robust regression of the percentage left in the last 10 minutes and extrapolate to 0% (total battery runtime) and 100% (remaining runtime).
  • Help with iPod Accessory Protocol: clean up the code, support IAP large packets.

Radio stuff:
  • Use interrupt to know when tuning has finished, instead of just waiting some fixed time. Should speed up tuning and auto-scan.
  • Make radio code aware of the built-in seek-to-next-station function in many tuner chips.
  • Allow user to set current date time from RDS date/time
  • Implement "album art" for FM stations, based on the PI code transmitted over RDS
  • Implement OIRT band (65.8 - 74 MHz) for FM tuners that support it
  • Implement FM radio volume, to lower the radio volume while voicing menu items. Need to check which fm tuner chips support this (or do it via the audio codec). See also FS#11465.
  • Automatic FM presets creation from the information available at (e.g. pick the 15 strongest stations at a specific location, remove duplicates, sort by frequency)

Long-term/low-priority ideas:
  • Add debug/assertion primitives to do more run-time internal checks, for example guard values to protect variables, null pointer checks, initialisation checks for mutexes/wakeup structures, checks to verify the proper context is used for a call (e.g. no mutex waits invoked in interrupt context). This should be done in such a way that it does not affect speed or size of "normal" builds, only "debug" builds.
  • Implement a rockbox shell that allows easy on-target peeking/poking (and other things), using USB serial for stdin/stdout.
  • Meizu M6SP: Write a kind of RAM-loader that uses the built-in DFU mode of the M6SP to load the main rockbox image in RAM and start it.
  • Meizu M6SP:Getting a flash-translation-layer to work on top of which we can run a file system: looks like a very big challenge right now.
  • Degree in electrical engineering
  • Embedded software
  • Microcontrollers: PIC, LPC (ARM7), AVR
  • USB: wrote simple USB device stack for LPC2148 (lpcusb) with support for MSC, virtual COM port, HID
  • Reverse engineering (USB webcams, USB scanners, protocols over USB in general)
  • Linux drivers
  • Java (3 year), C (11 years)
  • Basic scripting knowledge (Linux shell, perl)
Other interests:
  • Electronics for biology (like bat detectors, doppler radar, wireless camera triggers)
  • Reverse engineering stuff

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UserForm edit
Name Bertrik Sikken
Country Netherlands
r18 - 02 Apr 2021 - 20:46:06 - UnknownUser

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