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UserForm edit
Name Bertrik Sikken
Country Netherlands

I own a Sandisk Sansa e260, a Sansa c240 (with radio), Sansa Clip 1 GB (with radio), Meizu M6SP?, Samsung YP-S3.

Rockbox interests:
  • A better radio screen (the famous "WFMS").
  • Porting rockbox to the "sansa v2" players, specifically the SansaClip.
  • Porting rockbox for various Samsung S5L8700-based players, like the Meizu M3, Meizu M6 and Samsung YP-S3.
  • Support for RDS (radio data system). I made a list of FM tuner chips on the FmTunerHardware page. Unfortunately only one rockbox target seems to contain an RDS-capable FM tuner (the GigaBeastS has a Si4701) and I don't have this target to debug on.
  • Make USB serial work on microsoft windows with the usbser.sys driver. Progress: figured out proper standards compliant USB device/configuration descriptor and matching windows .inf file.
Plans for the Meizu M6SP?:
  • Write a kind of RAM-loader that uses the built-in DFU mode of the M6SP? to load the main rockbox image in RAM and start it.
  • Getting a flash-translation-layer to work on top of which we can run a file system: looks like a very big challenge right now.
Ideas for new features:
  • Add debug/assertion primitives to do more run-time internal checks, for example guard values to protect variables, null pointer checks, initialisation checks for mutexes/wakeup structures, checks to verify the proper context is used for a call (e.g. no mutex waits invoked in interrupt context). This should be done in such a way that it does not affect speed or size of "normal" builds, only "debug" builds.
  • Implement a rockbox shell that allows easy on-target peeking/poking (and other things), using USB serial for stdin/stdout.
  • Degree in electrical engineering
  • Embedded software
  • Microcontrollers: PIC, LPC (ARM7), AVR
  • USB: wrote simple USB device stack for LPC2148 (lpcusb) with support for MSC, virtual COM port, HID
  • Reverse engineering (USB webcams, USB scanners, protocols over USB in general)
  • Linux drivers
  • Java (3 year), C (11 years)
  • Basic scripting knowledge (Linux shell, perl)
Other interests:
  • Electronics for biology (like bat detectors, doppler radar, wireless camera triggers)
  • Reverse engineering stuff

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r12 - 24 Jan 2010 - 11:27:50 - BertrikSikken

UserForm edit
Name Bertrik Sikken
Country Netherlands
r12 - 24 Jan 2010 - 11:27:50 - BertrikSikken

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