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Short guide how to release official bootloader

Targets which are considered 'stable' and 'unstable' have to have officially released bootloaders. Below are simple steps how to release new official bootloader:

(NOTE:You need to be added to additional group on gerrit in order to push the tag - "Rockbox Release Committers". You can add yourself, if you are a committer.)

  • Tag the git commit you want to use for bootloader release:

        git tag bootloader_targetname_v1 -m 'Tag release v1 of the targetname bootloader'
        git push origin bootloader_targetname_v1

  • Compile versioned binary
       make VERSION=x.y
  • Send binary to one of the swedes and ask to put it on download server

Additional, helpful git commands:
  • git tag - shows list of the tags in a local repository
  • git ls-remote --tags origin - shows list of the tags in a remote repository
  • git show <tagname> - shows everything about the specified tag

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