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-- MarcinBukat - 2010-10-26

Targets which are considered 'stable' and 'unstable' have to have officially released bootloaders. Below are simple steps how to release new official bootloader:

  • Tag the svn revision you want to use for bootloader release:
       svn copy svn:// \
                svn:// \
                -m 'Tag release v2 of the Sansa E200 bootloader and sansapatcher'

  • Compile versioned binary
       make VERSION=x.y
NOTE this command doesn't work with current svn starting from r26320. The proposed fix is in FS#11697.

  • Send binary to one of the swedes and ask to put it on download server
r1 - 26 Oct 2010 - 07:02:26 - MarcinBukat

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