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File Browsing by Alphabet (PROPOSAL)

(iriver only)
Enabled by clicking the joystick.(SELECT)
Disabled by clicking the joystick again (SELECT)

While enabled, the file selected is centered in the screen

Once enabled:
Up: Go to the previous letter of the alphabet
Down: Go to the next letter of the alphabet
Right: Lock the previously selected letter in place, and move the cursor to the next letter.
Left: Go to the previous letter, if/when possible

-- MichielVanDerKolk
This would work for all bitmap players, but is much more involved than the above. It should be a completely new file-listing mode.

I have another suggestion that isn't really anything like this, but could also be called "BrowseByAlphabet". It would require more work, and I'm not really capable of doing this work, but I thought I'd put my thoughts here. The idea is to have the regular filebrowser, but only show files starting with a certain letter - this letter can then be chosen from a column next to the filebrowser. Like so:
| A | Catch.mp3     |
| B | Cell.mp3      |
| C | Change.mp3    |
| D |>Challenge.mp3 |
| E | Close.mp3     |
| F | Cold.mp3      |
| G |               |
This is the browser set on C. If the user then presses left, the marker is set on C, and he can move up/down to get other songs shown. This would probably be particularly useful for the DB browser, where you're bound to have very long lists of songs/artists/albums.

Pressing left while in the letter-column would take you one folder up.

-- JonasHaeggqvist

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