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Rockbox Build Names

During the development of RockboxUtility, it has become apparent that the naming of targets and builds are very inconsistent. This page is an attempt to document what's currently used, so we can hopefully bring everything in line to make things less confusing.

Manufacturer Model Configure Build download Manual download Voice download rbutil internal name
Archos Player/Studio player player player player player
Archos Recorder recorder recorder recorder recorder recorder
Archos Recorder (8MB RAM) recorder recorder8mb recorder recorder recorder8mb
Archos FM Recorder fmrecorder fmrecorder fmrecorder fmrecorder fmrecoder
Archos FM Recorder (8MB RAM) fmrecorder fmrecorder8mb fmrecorder fmrecorder fmrecorder8mb
Archos Recorder v2 recorderv2 recorderv2 recorderv2 recorderv2 recorderv2
Archos Ondio SP ondiosp ondiosp ondiosp ondiosp ondiosp
Archos Ondio FM ondiofm ondiofm ondiofm ondiofm ondiofm
Archos AV300 av300        
Iriver H120/H140 h120 h120 h100 h120 h120
Iriver H320/H340 h300 h300 h300 h300 h300
Iriver iHP-100/110/115 h100 h100 h100 h100 h100
Iriver iFP-790 ifp7xx        
Iriver H10 20GB h10 h10 h10 h10 h10
Iriver H10 5/6GB h10_5gb h10_5gb h10_5gb h10_5gb h10_5gbums/ h10_5gbmtp
Apple Color/Photo ipodcolor ipodcolor ipodcolor ipodcolor ipodcolor
Apple Nano ipodnano ipodnano ipodnano ipodnano ipodnano
Apple Video ipodvideo ipodvideo ipodvideo ipodvideo ipodvideo
Apple Video (64MB RAM) ipodvideo ipodvideo64mb ipodvideo ipodvideo ipodvideo64mb
Apple 3G ipod3g ipod3g ipod3g ipod3g ipod3g
Apple 4G Grayscale ipod4g ipod4gray ipod4gray ipod4gray ipod4gray
Apple Mini 1G ipodmini ipodmini1g ipodmini2g ipodmini1g ipodmini1g
Apple Mini 2G ipodmini2g ipodmini2g ipodmini2g ipodmini2g ipodmini2g
Apple 1G, 2G ipod1g2g ipod1g2g ipod1g2g ipod1g2g ipod1g2g
Cowon Iaudio X5 x5 iaudiox5 iaudiox5 iaudiox5 iaudiox5 / iaudiox5v
Cowon Iaudio M5 m5 iaudiom5 iaudiom5 iaudiom5 iaudiom5
Cowon Iaudio 7 iaudio7        
Cowon D2 cowond2 cowond2 cowond2 cowond2 cowond2
Cowon Iaudio M3 m3 iaudiom3   iaudiom3 iaudiom3
Toshiba Gigabeat F/X gigabeatf gigabeatf gigabeatf gigabeatf gigabeatf
Toshiba Gigabeat S gigabeats   gigabeats    
Olympus M:Robe 500 mrobe500        
Olympus M:Robe 100 mrobe100 mrobe100 mrobe100 mrobe100 mrobe100
Logik DAX 1GB MP3/DAB logikdax        
Creative Zen Vision:M 30GB creativezvm30gb        
Creative Zen Vision:M 60GB creativezvm60gb        
Creative Zen Vision creativezenvision        
Samsung YH-820 yh820 yh820     smsgyh820
Samsung YH-920 yh920 yh920     smsgyh920
Samsung YH-925 yh925 yh925     smsgyh925
Sandisk Sansa e200 e200 sansae200 sansae200 sansae200 sansae200
Sandisk Sansa e200 Rhapsody e200r        
Sandisk Sansa c200 c200 sansac200 sansac200 sansac200 sansac200
Sandisk Sansa m200 m200        
Sandisk Sansa c100 c100        
Sandisk Sansa Clip clip clip      
Sandisk Sansa e200v2 e200v2 sansae200v2      
Sandisk Sansa m200v4 m200v4 m200v4      
Sandisk Sansa Fuze fuze fuze      
Sandisk Sansa c200v2 c200v2 sansac200v2      
Tatung Elio TPJ-1022 tpj1022        
Philips GoGear SA9200 sa9200        
Philips GoGear HDD1630/HDD1830 hdd1630        
Meizu M6SL meizum6sl        
Meizu M6SP meizum6sp        
Meizu M3 meizum3        
Onda VX747 ondavx747        
Onda VX747+ ondavx747p        
Onda VX767 ondavx767        
Onda VX777 ondavx777        
Lyre Project
Lyre Project Lyre proto 1 lyre_proto1        

Name usage

In case the names are getting cleared up to be consistent various places need adjustment. This table tries to collect all places that a name uses.
  Theme site Build download Manual download Voicefile download
Configure name DONE      
Build download name   DONE    
Manual download name     DONE  
Voice download name       DONE
rbutil internal name        

Some other places where target names are needed:

  • firmware/export/config-targetname.h - these files contain a name, but configure name isn't always used
  • target-tree code - this uses a "t_model" variable, which is different to the configure "modelname" variable
  • lang files - the configure name is used for target-specific strings (normally keymap related)
  • manuals - platform files are named after the configure names, as well as the main player images.
  • UI simulator - background images are named after the configure name
  • ipodpatcher - bootloader images are (both internally and in the files the Makefile expects) named according to the configure name
  • sansapatcher - bootloader images are internally referred to by their configure names (c200, e200), and that name is used in a string to identify the attached player. Changing this probably also needs a change to rbutil
  • themes site - this uses the configure name for targets

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