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Case Modding for rockboxes

Purpose of document

Where myself I am not sooo intrested in modifying my device, I know some others do, and I thought it would be nice to get a small collection of useful links in that area.

Display-Modding (mainly Backlight)

JoergHohensohn (aka [IDC]Dragon) is known to do some weird things in that direction.
First of all, he replaced the rather green led's (4 pieces) with very white ones.

See this for more information:

Then, he added backlight to his ondio as he found out that the ondio-pcb was very well prepared for that. See OndioBacklight for a more complete description of that.
The used EL-backlight-foil can be found at

Button-Modding has a few very nice thing for these kind of moddings:

Disk Storage

again delivers a cf-hdd-adapter.

r6 - 02 Jan 2006 - 09:47:40 - DanielSchnabel

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