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Changelog work area

This page is a work-area for the Changelog notes for the next release. Whenever the release is done, the text from this page should be moved to a new page ChangeLogXY? (ie. ChangeLog25 for the upcoming 2.5 release) and this page should be emptied. See also ReleaseNotes.

The text here should be able to be read alone without links elsewhere. This should be kept fairly up to date by following the CVS activity which can be found on

Mark Meaning Missing
HELP Something where there is uncertainty or a question that needs answering. 2
ALERT! Something that needs attention only at the moment of release. 2
DONE This section is ready, except for HELP and ALERT! marks. 0

Changelog for Rockbox 2.5

ALERT! To clarify - this is a work in progress! Rockbox has NOT been released yet

This is the (hopefully) full list of changes to Rockbox since Rockbox 2.4 was released in December 2004. As you can see, quite a lot has happened since then, so upgrading is strongly encouraged.

General DONE

Rombox DONE

Unfortunately, due to the added features, RomBox grew too big to be in flash together with a compressed original Archos backup image. For safety, we don't want to give up the dual firmware approach, one permanent, one to mess with. For this reason, a minimal firmware called BootBox has been made, which replaces the Archos firmware and is much smaller in size. This means that running Rockbox from ROM is again possible. (see this thread and the BootBox / RomBox page.)

Stereo width DONE

All devices can now control the stereo width in from 0% to 255% in 1% steps, replacing the old "Stereo narrow" and "Stereo wide" settings (which equalled 50% and 300% stereo width, respectively).

Using USB power DONE

As a special bonus for owners of units that can be charged (Recorder FM/v2) or powered (Ondios) from USB, you can now use USB power while still using Rockbox. When you plug in USB, hold the MODE button on Ondio, or F1 on Recorder FM/v2 and a tiny USB plug icon will appear in a statusbar. You can now use Rockbox while your jukebox is charged resp. powered by USB!

Shuffle repeat DONE

A new repeat mode called "Shuffle" has been added. Behind this somewhat cryptical name, hides a feature that shuffles the current playlist before repeating it. This way not two listens will be alike. Additionally, you can also insert songs shuffled. If this is done, the song(s) are randomly inserted between the current position and the end of the playlist.

Hebrew and Arabic languages added DONE

On jukeboxes with bitmap displays (everything but Player/Studio, sorry) support for right-to-left languages like Hebrew and Arabic has now been added. Find it under the " General Settings > Display > BiDi Hebrew/Arabic " menu.

A-B Repeat for Archos studio / recorder DONE

A-B Repeat will repeatedly play a segment of a song between two arbitrary points (known as marker A and marker B) that are defined by the listener. It's especially great for musicians who need to listen to a musical passage repeatedly in order to learn it.

Improved problem handling DONE

If Rockbox panics, the harddisk is now shut down, to avoid wearing the batteries down more than necessary for no reason. It's now also possible to reboot Rockbox just by pressing ON, if this has happened. If a normal shutdown fails, and the hardware can't power down, you can now hold down OFF to force a shutdown on all jukeboxes. (HELP is iriver the only one without a hardware poweroff? If so, delete this last change)

Interface DONE

Added ID3 database support. If you build a database with the provided tools, you can now browse your music by artist, album or song regardless of how your files are located on the player. Just go to " General Settings > File View > Show Files " and set it to " ID3 database ". The file browser will now show 4 virtual folders: Artists, Albums, Songs and Search. Additionally, the database contains information of how many times the song has been played, and the ability to rate each song if " General Settings > Gather Runtime Data " is set to yes. This information can be used in searchexpressions (see Databox in the plugin section) and displayed on WPS.

When scrolling throug a file or menu list, the cursor will always leave a third of the screen above or below it visible unless at the very top or bottom of the list. This way you can keep track of what's coming up next. Scrolling in the file-browser will no longer wrap around if you're holding down the button to get to the bottom or top of the list. This makes it easier to reach the end or beginning, and you can still wrap around - just release the key and press it again and you'll be taken to the other end of the list. The file browser will now only go back to the root dir after USB mode if the current directory no longer exists.

r1 - 20 Sep 2005 - 11:46:48 - HristoKovachev

Copyright by the contributing authors.