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Flash news: My player broke, i´ll leave the info just in case someone is interested and has the player; unless it´s deleted, I wont care :p
This player is a very cheap one, the capability of this player are: display text, play music, view photos and play (a rather bulky and old) MTV video format.
Help would be appreciated, I can't find data sheets, it seems that most of the chips are custom made, yet I don't know how did Coby made this player very cheap ~_~


This is the microcontroller. Some info found on the net: "Ali M5661/5667 series products are HS USB2.0 Flashdisk Audio Controllers provided by Ali Corporation. According to performance and function, Ali M5661/5667 series products can be ranked as follows: M5661, M5661R, M5661C, M5661P, and M5667. These series products have an integrated USB2.0 controller, and the programs inside them can be upgraded through USB interface. These series products have integrated 24-bit 80MHz Audio DSP, support DRM, Nand Flash, and SM/SD/MMC. These series products also have integrated 8-bit 120MHz MCU compliant 51 series monolithic processors."
  • LCD: 1.66" Full-Color TFT @ 160 x 128.
  • ATA: ATL ATA250 D0646(and possibly another number I can't see).
  • Memory: 1 GB Flash, "hynix" KOR HY27UU088G5M TPCB 711A M8S 10D99QK (969 MB for user, flash type MLC, read 15 mb/s write 4.2 mb/s).

  • Power: "Battery in a bag" Rechargeable Lithium-Ion, 3.7V 350mAh. *Note1


  • The Buttonboard's back melted with the back of the player's front.:

  • Mainboard - Back:

  • Mainboard - Front:

Note1: The page nor the player have the right info on the power, there is no DC supply, there is no 100-240V AC Adapter, there is not even a hole for that, its just a copied template from the hard drive players, they do have external power supply.

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