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Motorola Coldfire

General Information

The Coldfire series of microcontrollers is based on the popular 68000 architecture. The iriver series 100 and 300 players and the iAudio M3 use the SCF5249 as their core processor, while the iAudio M5 and X5 players use SCF5250. More details regarding their inner workings can be seen in the following documentation.

Coldfire2 Documentation


SCF5249 web page @ Motorola
5249 User's Manual


  • Cowon iAudio M5, X5 > Coldfire SCF5250 + codec Texas Instruments TI TLV320AIC23B - IaudioPort
  • Sony NW-A 1000, 1200, 3000 > Coldfire SCF5250 + DSP Sony CXR710180 + DAC: Burr Brown (Texas Instruments) PCM1772 + AMP: Panasonic AN17020A-VB - SonyNWAPort
  • Samsung YH-J50 YH-J70 > Coldfire xCF5020 + Wolfson WM8750L Codec - SamsungYHJX0
SCF5250 web page @ Motorola
SCF5250 Datasheet
5250 User's Manual

Key differences between xCF5249 and xCF5250

Feature 5249 5250
Core voltage 1.8V 1.2V
Max frequency 140MHz (BGA package) 120MHz
Voltage regulation External Internal
Onboard SRAM 96Kbyte 128Kbyte
DMA Controller Audio and UART Audio, UART and mem<->mem

Software and tools

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