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Coldfire Emulator development

This topic describes the development effort to extend the existing Coldfire Emulator to support CF5249. The emulator site is


DaveHooper: I spoke with Dave, the author of the Coldfire Emulator, and he said that he is very happy to work with us on adding 5249 support. He's busy for the next couple of weeks due to RealLife(tm) but together we will be setting up a SourceForge page. Dave is currently working on overhauling the entire opcode handling subsystem, and he's predicting improved emulator speed of 25% or more. He suggests that while he is doing this, we do any development against the 0.2.2 version.

LinusNielsenFeltzing: How come we don't add a simulated target for gdb instead? That would IMHO be a lot more valuable, since we get the debugger for free.

JoshBassett: I don't know anything about writing a simulated target for gdb. Do you think it would be difficult Linus? I was thinking the Coldfire Emulator extensions would a more introductory path (in terms of my abilities)...perhaps once we've made the required extensions to the Coldfire Emulator we could port it to a gdb simulated target? But hey, I'm keen either way smile

DaveHooper: Ok I'm still getting stuck into updating the coldfire emulator, the architecture of the emulator is a bit tricky so I'm having to make a bunch of necessary changes to get everything working correctly. It's also pretty slow at the moment. Some of the changes I'm making include implementing the correct kind of hit logic by writing a chip select module and sdram module, and hooking ram/flash/rom peripherals into that. I'll also write an iRiver LCD emulation peripheral that hooks into a chip select line too. Not sure what I'm going to do with IDE emulation yet. But other than a working chip select module (which is the largest, most important change to the emulator), it seems there's little else needed to get cf5249 up and running

Links to needed files

Linux Emulator Source (only 5206, 5206e, 5307 supported)

Windows "Cygwin" Binary (only 5206, 5206e, 5307 supported)


Contacts for iRiverPort CF5249 emulator development :

Name Email
JoshBassett (nullobject) josh.bassett at
DaveHooper (stripwax) dave at
PaulS riverbrick at

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