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Cowon iAudio 7 Info

Hardware Details

Comes in 2/4/8/16Gb models (Samsung NAND parts)

See it ripped apart here:

Download a recent firmware here:

Telechips TCC771L based, ARM946E-S core, with built-in 24-bit audio codec

Sanyo LV24020 tuner

PCF50606 chip (also found in iriver h300)

ATA2501 is used to drive sensor buttons

LW052A Dual 4-channel analog multiplexer/ demultiplexer (also found in iriver h300)

160x128 TFT LCD at a claimed 18bit depth. Appears to be the Renesas HD66789R, as used in iriver h300 and other Rockbox-supported devices.

NAND flash - Samsung K9HBG08U1M (4GB model), K9HCG08U1M (8GB model)

SDRAM - K4M28163PH

Port Status

As of revision 3ba2f6e5c7, the code for this port has been removed from the main Git branch. Consider this a dead port. This page will remain only for historic purposes.

Firmware format

The iAudio7 uses the standard Telechips firmware format - see TelechipsInfo

GPIO ports


GPIOA0 Asserted when USB is inserted
GPIOA1 Cleared when hold switch is enabled
GPIOA2 Cleared when On/Off pressed
GPIOA4 Unknown used as output
GPIOA5 Seems to be connected to LV24020 data clock
GPIOA6 Seems to be connected to LV24020 data I/O
GPIOA7 Seems to be connected to LV24020 data NR_W
GPIOA10 Used by LCD control interface
GPIOA15 May be LCD reset?


GPIOB10 i2c data (SDA)
GPIOB11 i2c clock (SCL


GPIOD0 Switch between codec and FM-radio. Connected to A pin of LW052A
GPIOD1 LCD backlight on
GPIOD6 ATA2501 reset
GPIOD8 Connected to touch-panel connector
GPIOD9 Connected to touch-panel connector


GPIOE3 Speaker


  • ADC0 provides an indication of the keypad state for the 'M', '-' and '+' buttons.


TCC771L has built-in 24-bit stereo audio codec. It's connected to CPU with I2C and has address 0x34 and accepts only writes. That seems to be one of the wolfson wm8731.

LW052A is used to switch between radio and audio. Radio seems to be connected to 1Y0, 2Y0. That means codec is connected to 1Y1, 2Y1 as B pin is always low, and GPIOD0 is connected to A. INH pin is grounded.

USB Boot Mode

The iAudio7 has a USB boot mode, you can enter it by holding down the 'mode' button while plugging in the USB connector. The Vendor/Product id changes to a TCC specific pair (Vendor=140e ProdID=b021), it is then possible to upload code to the device via tcctool (source available in svn tree: ).


The OF does the flashing, so a bad flash will ruin the player until we figure out how to do the USB boot mode properly.

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