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The Cowon S9 is a flash-based DAP with 8/16Gb Nand and 512Mb of RAM. It is based on the TCC7901 and supports several different audio/video formats. It has a single USB-accessible partition and does not support expansion cards. It also supports Bluetooth.

The forum page is:


The S9 has the following hardware:
  • Processor: Telechips TCC7901
    • Dual ARM926EJ-S, 500Mhz, 32-bit
  • NandFlash: Sony K9HCG08U1M 8Gb
  • SDRAM: Hynix HY5S7B2ALF 512Mb
  • Power: PCF-50633
  • A/V Codec: WM8750S
  • Bluetooth: CSR-41814
  • Display: Samsung AMFA002 AM OLED 3.3"WQVGA, resolution: 272 x RGB x 480, capacitive touchscreen; It appears to be using the LCD driver included in the TCC7901.
  • Battery size: 45 x 45 x 5 mm


The S9 can be programmed using tcctool when the player is in boot mode. To access boot mode, turn on the player while holding down the pause button and connect over USB. The TCC7901 will not accept the new firmware unless it is in the dual-crc format. See TelechipsInfo for more information. To encode the firmware, use the scramble utility like so:
./scramble -tcc=crc <input> <output>

The following configuration appears to work when added to tcctool.c:
    {"cowons9",  "Cowon S9",                     0xb057, 0x20000000, 0xaaac7800 },

Note that at the time of this writing this value is different from the one in tcctool, so make sure you double-check.

(The SDCFG parameter format has changed significantly in the TCC7901 compared to the TCC780 series.)


Pretty well nothing has been done. Right now we need information on the hardware and models especially register mappings.

-- AndrewPoelstra - 2010-05-05

r4 - 02 Apr 2021 - 20:46:06 - UnknownUser

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