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Creative Zen Mozaic


This is the page for the Creative Zen Mozaic device. See CreativeZENMozaicPort for more information about the port.


The Creative Zen Mozaic features 11 buttons: 4 directional arrows, ok, back, options, shortcut, play, reset and power. It also has a hold button. It also features a speaker. The following chips can be found on the PCB:
  • STMP3700 (see SigmaTelSTMP3xxx or STMP37xxChips), see the SansaFuzePlus page for more information (it's not exactly the same SoC, it's an older version of the STMP3780 aka i.MX 233)
  • TEA576UK fm tuner
  • LCD is 128x160 TFT and seems compatible with FGD0801 except that it uses a couple more registers
  • probably a Phison SD to NAND bridge
  • probably NAND chips

PCB Scans

Unfortunately all the interesting chips are under the battery and unreachable.



Here is a list of all the pins used by the OF. Pins are of form BxPyy where x is the bank and yy the number within the bank. Direction only applies to GPIO.
Pin Dir Comment
B0P01 ssp2_d1  
B0P02 ssp2_d2  
B0P03 ssp2_d3  
B0P10 OUT unused (ssp1 gate)
B0P12 OUT speaker gate
B0P20 ssp2_cmd  
B0P23 ssp2_sck  
B1P00 lcd_d0  
B1P01 lcd_d1  
B1P02 lcd_d2  
B1P03 lcd_d3  
B1P04 lcd_d4  
B1P05 lcd_d5  
B1P06 lcd_d6  
B1P07 lcd_d7  
B1P12 OUT backlight enable
B1P16 lcd_reset  
B1P17 lcd_rs  
B1P18 lcd_wr  
B1P19 lcd_rd  
B1P20 lcd_enable  
B2P00 IN usb related ?
B2P01 duart_tx backlight
B2P02 pwm2 led, red
B2P05 i2c_scl  
B2P04 pwm4 led, green
B2P06 i2c_sd  
B2P07 IN button down
B2P08 IN jack detect
B2P14 ssp2_d0  
B2P15 OUT tuner gate

-- AmauryPouly - 28 May 2013

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