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Creative ZEN X-Fi3


This is the page for the Creative ZEN X-Fi3 device (manufacturer's info).

Port Status

See CreativeZENXFi3Port


The Creative ZEN X-Fi3 features 5 capacitive buttons and 5 hardware buttons: power/hold slider, volume up/down and reset. Is also features a speaker. The following chips can be found on the PCB:
  • STMP3780 (see SigmaTelSTMP3xxx or STMP37xxChips), see the SansaFuzePlus page for more information (also known as iMX233)
  • one Hynix H5MS5162DFR 64Mb Mobile DDR (see Hynix part decoder)
  • one or more Hynix Nand Flash (see Hynix part decoder)
  • one Phison PS8007-A SD-to-Flash bridge (search for phison PS8005 on google for a close datasheet)
  • one STFM1000 fm tuner chip, there is no available datasheet due to a patent but the freescale i.MX linux source code has a driver for it (search for stfm1000 linux on google). The product brief can be found on Freescale website
  • A chip marked 263 M121, which is probably a Freescale MPR121 Proximity Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller, the datasheet can be found here
  • One bluetooth module made of a flash chip holding the firmware and BlueCore5-Multimedia External BC57E687C (there is a technical preview on google)
  • one XPT8302, a 4W class D audio amplifier for the speaker
  • the LCD controller seems to be (or be compatible with) the OTM2201A of which the datasheet can be found here (or look for "OTM2201A datasheet" on google)

Recovery mode

The Creative ZEN X-Fi3 has two recovery modes:
  • One software recovery mode which can be entered by holding volume down on boot, but which is of little interest
  • One hardware recovery mode (the STMP3780 one) which can be entered by plugging usb while holding power (ie holding the power slider) on (at the same time). Alternatively, it can be entered by plugging usb, holding power and pressing reset (while holding power). The screen will stay black and the device will enumerat has 066f:3780 from Sigmatel. Inc

PCB Scans

chips.jpeg SSL23162.JPG SSL23156.JPG SSL23138.JPG


Here is a list of all the pins used by the OF. Pins are of form BxPyy where x is the bank and yy the number within the bank. Direction only applies to GPIO.
Pin Dir Comment
B0P0{0-3} ssp2_d{0-3}  
B0P04 IN Hold button (active low)
B0P07 OUT SD Power / Chip enable
B0P09 OUT Set to one once on bluetooth startup
B0P14   Bluetooth UART rx
B0P15   Bluetooth UART tx
B0P18 IN Touchpad #IRQ line
B0P19 OUT Bluetooth reset (active low)
B0P20 ssp2_cmd  
B0P24 ssp2_sck  
B0P{30,31}   I2C lines
B1P{00-17} lcd_d{0-17}  
B1P18 lcd_reset  
B1P19 lcd_rs  
B1P20 lcd_wr  
B1P21 lcd_cs  
B1P22 OUT speaker gate, set to one to enable audio routing to speaker.
B1P23 lcd_enable  
B1P25 lcd_vsync unused?
B1P28 pwm backlight pwm
B1P30 OUT headphones gate, set to one to enable audio routing to headphones.
B2P00 ssp1_cmd  
B2P01 ssp1_det SD detect
B2P0{2-5} ssp1_d{0-3}  
B2P06 ssp1_sck  
B2P07 IN Volume down button (active low)
B2P08 IN Volume up button (active low)
TouchEL8 OUT Button light

-- AmauryPouly - 02 Mar 2012

I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
BC57G687C.pdfpdf BC57G687C.pdf manage 1554.0 K 09 Apr 2012 - 22:53 AmauryPouly bluecore datasheet (might apply)
MPR121v3.pdfpdf MPR121v3.pdf manage 291.3 K 09 Apr 2012 - 22:52 AmauryPouly MPR121 datasheet (see application notes for more information)
SPEC-BM153-V4.3_03122009.pdfpdf SPEC-BM153-V4.3_03122009.pdf manage 592.0 K 01 Aug 2013 - 12:08 AmauryPouly  
SSL23138.JPGJPG SSL23138.JPG manage 2804.4 K 04 Mar 2012 - 13:39 AmauryPouly  
SSL23156.JPGJPG SSL23156.JPG manage 2949.9 K 04 Mar 2012 - 13:35 AmauryPouly  
SSL23162.JPGJPG SSL23162.JPG manage 2964.7 K 04 Mar 2012 - 13:24 AmauryPouly  
chips.jpegjpeg chips.jpeg manage 2432.4 K 04 Mar 2012 - 13:22 AmauryPouly  
otm2201A.pdfpdf otm2201A.pdf manage 1070.6 K 09 Apr 2012 - 22:51 AmauryPouly 176x220 lcd controller
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