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Port Status

driver status comments
LCD 95% LCD is working. Still lacking lcd sleep, and inversion.
Keys 90% Physical keys are handled. Touchkey driver has been implemented and uses the parameters of the OF but could probably to be enhanced.
Music playback 100% Everything works.
FM Radio   See SigmatelSTFM1000
Recording 50% Works for the microphone.
Power Management 100% Everything works.
SD 100% SD works for the internal storage and the microsd slot.
USB 100% Everything is implemented and should work.
Manual 0% TBD
Rockbox Utility 50% Most of the code has been written but we need to put pieces together.

Daily builds

You can find prebuilt version of Rockbox (development version) here: Unpack it at the root of the device, it should create a .rockbox directory.

Bootloader features

The bootloader comes with a number of features which allow to recover from potential problematic situations.

Booting to the OF

The bootloader can either boot rockbox or the OF. By default it will boot rockbox. The bootloader will boot the OF if volume down is hold while powering up. This works independently from the power source. For example, the following actions will boot the OF:
  • hold volume - then press power for a few seconds
  • hold volume - then plug the usb cable (plugged into wall outlet or computer)

Note that booting to the OF might be necessary to complete a boootloader update if done with rockbox USB by putting to the root of the filesystem.

Install Instructions

See ImxInstall.

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