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Custom Filetype Colours


Rockbox has the capability to modify the File Browser to show different filetypes in different colours, depending upon the file extension.

It makes your file view look something like this:

This is achieved by creating or modifying a .colours file and then activating the option using a config file.


The .colours file should be stored in /.rockbox/themes. It is a simple text file and can be created from scratch, or a sample can be copied from /.rockbox/docs


The file syntax is the file extension (or folder) followed by a colon and then the colour required as an RGB value in hexadecimal.


The only limitation is that the extension must be one of Rockbox's 'known' filetypes, as listed in filetypes.c. This does not include, for example, .config. It also recognises the firmware extensions (.ipod, .mi4 etc.). The last item in the above example (???) is the colour to use for files which are not recognised.


In order to activate the filetype colours option, it has to be invoked from within a standard Rockbox configuration file (*.cfg). The easiest way is to create a new text file containg the following single line:

filetype colours: /.rockbox/themes/filename.colours

where filename is replaced by the filename you used when creating the .colours file. Save this file as colours.cfg in the /.rockbox/themes directory and then activate the config file from the menu as normal (Settings > Theme Settings > Browse Themes)

Alternatively, you could save a config file (Settings > Manage Settings > Save .cfg File), edit the filetype colours entry and then select your re-saved config file.


The built-in Text Editor automatically understands the file format, but an external text editor can also be used.

To edit the .colours file using Rockbox, just select it in the File Browser. The file will open in the Text Editor. Click on a line to edit it and the following choice will appear:

If Extension is selected, the virtual keyboard appears, allowing the file extension to be modified.

If Color is selected, the standard colour selector screen appears (as per changing foreground and background colours)

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