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Cygwin Installation - Step By Step - With Screenshots

Step 1: Download the cygwin installer


From the web page, select the Install or Update Now! link, When prompted, save this file to your Hard Drive. I created a Cygwin folder, and saved it to there. Once downloaded, double click on it.

Step 2: Install the base development environment


Select Next�




Choose your directory, and Next�


I chose to create a sub-dir to hold the installation files � Next�


Pick the most suitable option for your connection, [Normally 'Direct Connection'] Next�


Try to choose a local mirror, but it may be very busy and/or slow, so be prepared to come back to this screen and try a couple of option. I found that if you get a time out, even if it �recovers� the final installtion was non-functional. Also be prepared to allow connctivity through any firewalls you may have in place� Next

OK, up to here it has all been very simple, just lots of Next� Now you need to pay a bit more attention


Start by clicking on the + by Archive to display the sub-options�


If Zip and Unzip are not selected, ie �skip�� Click on the work skip and the text changes to the current version number, and the checkbox for the binary is selected. Sometimes you select the chosen option, and other option are selected too, these are dependency files, and should be left selected, along with any other packages already selected when you enter a section... DO NOT UNSELECT ANYTHING!!

Repeat this for Devel,
  • binutils
  • gcc
  • gcc-mingw-core
  • gdb (for debuging simulator code, but get it anyway)
  • make
  • mingw-runtime
  • patchutils
  • subversion

  • perl

and Text (If you want to be able to build the manuals)
  • tetex-base
  • tetex-extra

Finally, Click Next�


Now BE PATIENT!! The download and install can take rather a long time � Depends on the Mirror chosen, your network connection and your PC, but it can easily run to an hour!!


Once downloaded, the packages are installed


And some shell scripts get run� untill finally


Select your prefered options, and click Finish

Step 3: Select the Rockbox mirror site and install

Now run the Cygwin Setup program again.

Note: As of version 2.573.2.3 the Cygwin installer requires .sig files to be present and verified against a gpg key stored at For now you can avoid performing this check by running "Setup.exe -X" from a command line. -- JustinHannigan - 14 Aug 2008

Click through the screens accepting the defaults until you reach this one.


Type into the User URL: box, and click Add

Then scroll to the bottom of the list and choose the mirror



Click on the + by Devel, scroll to the bottom of that section and select

  • sdl
  • m68k-elf-binutils
  • m68k-elf-gcc
  • sh-elf-binutils
  • sh-elf-gcc
  • arm-elf-binutils and
  • arm-elf-gcc



This time progress is quite swift � 5 to 10 minutes



A final note: Make sure your home directory is a single word (no spaces). Otherwise, you will get errors when you want to compile.


Now you are ready to run Cygwin, complile Rockbox, the SDL Sims and The Manual for all currently available platforms�.
r7 - 14 Aug 2008 - 21:45:50 - JustinHannigan

Copyright by the contributing authors.