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Chip function Player Rec. V1 Rec. V2 Rec. FM Ondio FMR Ondio SP iriver H1x0 iriver H3x0 iaudio M5 iaudio X5 iPod Color iPod Nano iPod 5.5G Gigabeat
Hitachi SH-1 Product Brief
Programming Manual r4.0
Hardware Manual r5.0
CPU X X X X X X                
S3CC410, or TCC730 CPU                            
MCF 5249 Coldfire V2 Users Manual
Coldfire Family Programmer's Reference Manual
MCF5249 Coldfire User's Manual
MCF5xxx Debug White Paper
MCF5249/5249L Device Errata
Library of Macros for Optimization
CPU             X X            
SCF5250 SCF5250 Coldfire User's Manual CPU                 X X        
S3C2440 Samsung S3C2440A User's Manual CPU                           X
SST SST37VF020 256KB Flash ROM X*1 X*1                        
SST SST39VF020 256KB Flash ROM X*2 X*2 X X X X                
SST 39VF160, Driver Example 2MB Flash ROM             X              
SST 39VF3201, Driver Example 4MB (2Mx16) Flash ROM               X            
ISSI 401-3G 1kbit EEPROM             X              
ISSI IS25C02 2kbit EEPROM             X X            
ISSI IS41LV16105 2MB Fast Page DRAM X                          
Samsung K4E151612D 2MB EDO DRAM   X X X X X                
K4S561632E-TL75, Extra timing information 4M x 16bit x 4Banks Synchronous DRAM LVTTL (256Mbit/32MB)             X X            
K4S56163PF-R(B)G/F 4M x 16bit x 4Banks Mobile SDRAM (256Mbit/32MB)                         X*12  
Epson S1D12200 LCD controller X*10                          
Solomon SSD 1800 LCD controller X*11                          
Solomon SSD 1815 LCD controller   X X X X X                
Shing Yih G112064-30 LCD with SSD1815 controller   X X X X X                
Epson S1D15E06 LCD Controller 2bit color 160x128             X   X          
Tomato TL0324S LCD Controller 1bit color 128x64             X X            
Tomato TL0350 LCD Controller 2bit 128x129                 X X        
Renesas HD66789R ALERT! Errata LCD Controller 18bit color 220x176               X     X*9 X    
Renesas HD66773R LCD Controller 18bit color 160x128                   X        
Micronas 3507D MPEG Audio Decoder X                          
Micronas 3550A Stereo Audio DAC X                          
Micronas MAS3587F
Rev. B2: Possible S/PDIF input malfunction
PCM codec firmware ALERT! Errata
PCM firmware download, example code
MPEG Audio Encoder/Decoder   X X X X                  
Micronas MAS3539F MPEG Audio Decoder           X                
Philips UDA1380TT Stereo Audio Decoder/Encoder             X X            
ISD-200 USB1.1 - ATA bridge X X*3                        
ISD-300 USB2.0 - ATA bridge   X*4 X X                    
Cypress CY7C68310 USB2.0 - ATA bridge             X X X X        
Alcor Micro AU9331 USB1.1 - SD/MMC bridge         X X                
SanDisk SDBT1F-1024 128MB embedded flash memory with MMC interface         X X                
Samsung S1A0903X01 AM/FM 1chip tuner with PLL       X X*5                  
Philips TEA5767HN
Application Note
Low-power FM stereo radio         X*6   X X            
D&A DA202 FM tuner with PLL                   X        
ST M41ST84W Real Time Clock   X X X                    
IRF7416 Power MOSFET X X X X                    
FZT824 High Current Transistor   X                        
National LM2651 DC/DC converter   X                        
Fairchild MC34063A DC/DC converter X X                        
Linear LTC3440 DC/DC converter         X X                
Linear 1872 Step-up DC/DC controller     X X                    
Linear LTC3405 Synchronous step-down regulator             X              
Sipex SP6650 Synchronous Buck Regulator     X X                    
Linear 1734 Lithium-Ion Battery Charger     X X                    
Texas Instruments BQ24022 Lithium-Ion Battery Charger             X              
Sipex SP6201 EMS-3.0 Linear regulator 3.0 V         X X                
Philips PCF50606 Power Supply and Battery Controller               X X X X*13 X*13 X*13  
Microsemi LX2201 USB/AC Battery Charge Controller               X            
Texas Instruments TLV0834 ADC             X              
Texas Instruments LW052A Dual 4-channel analog multiplexer/ demultiplexer             X X            
Fairchild 74LCX245 8-bit bidirectional transceiver         X X                
Fairchild 74LVX245 Low Voltage 8-bit Bidirectional Transceiver             X X            
LVCH16245A 16-Bit Bus Transceiver With 3-State Outputs             X X            
Sipex SP4403 EL backlight driver         X*7                  
NPC SM8141BV EL backlight driver         X*8 X*8                
ZHCS2000 40V Silicon high current schottky barrier diode             X              
Philips ISP1362, MCF5249 USB OTG reference design USB On-The-Go controller               X            
CY8C21434 Click Wheel Controller                       X    
*1: Non-flashable versions
*2: Flashable versions
*3: USB1.1 versions (recorder 6, 10, 15)
*4: USB2.0 versions (recorder 20)
*5: Versions with mask bit 3 == 0
*6: Versions with mask bit 3 == 1
*7: Not seen "in the field". PCB is prepared for this in older Ondios.
*8: Not seen "in the field". PCB is prepared for this in newer Ondios.
*9: "New" LCDs only. "Old" LCD controller is unknown.
*10: "Old"players (ROM version <= 4.50). It's unknown whether this actually is an Epson, but the command set matches.
*11: "New"players (ROM version > 4.50). It's unknown whether this actually is an SSD, but the command set matches. Otoh, the CG ROM contents perfectly matches the Epson S1D12200D16**
*12: Only for 30GB version with 32MB RAM.
*13: Seems at least compatible for RTC, On-Off and Powermanagement.

  • Appl Note for Easy Radio IC LV24000 / LV24001 / LV24002

  • AN2400S04.pdf: Appl Note for Easy Radio IC LV24000 / LV24001 / LV24002 (Original PDF)

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AN2400S04.pdfpdf AN2400S04.pdf manage 205.1 K 21 Mar 2007 - 00:17 AndrewGreen Appl Note for Easy Radio IC LV24000 / LV24001 / LV24002 (Original PDF)
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LV24000_ENA0426.pdfpdf LV24000_ENA0426.pdf manage 498.7 K 23 Jul 2006 - 10:35 NeeKeetos Sanyo LV24000 One chip FM radio datasheet
S5L8700X-DS.rarrar S5L8700X-DS.rar manage 3541.6 K 15 Mar 2014 - 22:50 IvanMaslyuk Samsung S5L8700X Preliminary Spec,
STMP3770-ds-1-04.pdfpdf STMP3770-ds-1-04.pdf manage 7492.6 K 12 Jun 2013 - 12:26 AmauryPouly  
TCC77X.rarrar TCC77X.rar manage 3947.0 K 18 Mar 2014 - 16:50 IvanMaslyuk Telechips TCC77x Specification Rev. 1.00 Sep. 02, 2005
WM8731_8731L.pdfpdf WM8731_8731L.pdf manage 751.7 K 01 Oct 2007 - 14:39 MichaelSevakis Datasheet for WM8731/WM8731L audio codec
freescale_imx_datasheet_imx233.pdfpdf freescale_imx_datasheet_imx233.pdf manage 9379.6 K 12 Jun 2013 - 12:26 AmauryPouly  
lv24000an.zipzip manage 41.4 K 23 Jul 2006 - 10:40 NeeKeetos Appl Note for Easy Radio IC LV24000 / LV24001 / LV24002
stmp36xx-Datasheet-1-02_050306-1.pdfpdf stmp36xx-Datasheet-1-02_050306-1.pdf manage 6096.6 K 12 Jun 2013 - 12:25 AmauryPouly  
stmp37xx-ds-1-03.pdfpdf stmp37xx-ds-1-03.pdf manage 8668.6 K 12 Jun 2013 - 12:25 AmauryPouly  
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