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Rockbox Tools

This page lists various Rockbox tools for installing, updating and performing other related tasks.

%W% All of these, except the Innosetup installer and RockboxUtility are unofficial and not supported by Rockbox

Rockbox Utility

Current official installer and housekeeping tool. This tool is cross platform.

Runs on Windows, Linux, OS X
Supported devices All
Tasks Bootloader installation, Installing, Uninstallation & various other -- see wiki page
Versions Release, daily build, current svn build

OBSOLETE -- Link just points to the releases page. Users can find archived installers via the linked old releases archive.

Innosetup installer

This is the former official installer that has been used for previous releases. It uses Innosetup, which means that it can be built on Linux which is somewhat important for something that is to be used for the official release. Superseded by RockboxUtility.

Runs on Windows
Supported devices Archoses
Tasks Installing
Versions Releases (up to 2.5)

All of the following are unofficial tools and are not supported by Rockbox.

Rockbox Installer X

This was apparently born out of the forums and uses the NSIS system. Heavily outdated. Website link is dead.

Link (dead), Thread
Runs on Windows
Supported devices Ipods
Tasks Bootloader, Downloading, Installing, Updating

Rockbox updater

This was written by a user on MisticRiver.

Runs on Windows
Supported devices All
Tasks Downloading, Installing, Updating

iRony Rockbox Installer

This was written for a Ipod Liberation Party and is still quite unpolished. It's written in Python so could potentially be run on most platforms. Quite outdated.

Runs on Linux and similar (Potentially more)
Supported devices Ipods
Tasks Bootloader (more?)

Dream Tool

Most ideas mentioned here have been implemented in RockboxUtility.

This tool does not yet exist. This area is used to document what we'd like to see in the perfect Rockbox Tool. Since the Mono Project makes .NET work on linux and windows a tool could be written in C++ for .NET and be cross platform.

Written in C & wxWidgets or C++ & Qt4
Runs on Windows, Linux, BSD, OS X
Supported devices All
Tasks Bootloader (Writing to Ipods and patching firmwares for Irivers), Downloading, Installing, Updating, Building database & voice files
Versions Release, Daily Bleeding

Here's something I made a long time ago, feel free to update.

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Description of the various screens:
  1. A general welcome screen, asking the user which jukebox he has - some autodetection should be attempted by looking at the connected USB devices.
  2. A download step, which asks which version the user wants, and offers to download fonts and manual as well (and voice files?).
  3. This screen is shown once Rockbox has been installed, and is just a confirmation that everything went well.
  4. Here, the user is asked if his Iriver has already had the bootloader installed.
  5. This step takes an original Iriver firmware and continues to the patching step.
  6. Here, the patcher is run, and the resulting firmware is written to the Iriver. Additionally, instructions are given how to apply the firmware.
  7. This step installs the Ipod bootloader by extracting, modifying and writing it back to the Ipod.
  8. This step helps the user identify his jukebox, either by pictures or descriptions (or both).
  9. Simply ask which drive the jukebox is connected as. Should attempt to autodetect.

Some things are missing:

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