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This page is old. See DevCon2007 instead.

(Outdated) Rockbox International Developer Conference 2006

See us alive


When: March 18-19 2006
Where: Stockholm Sweden

DevCon 2006

We invite you to participate in the Rockbox International Developers Conference 2006, to be held in Stockholm Sweden during the weekend March 18-19 2006.

We thought we'd get together for a two-day Rockbox hacking session, and that it would be cool if there were some other Rockbox devs who would drop by and share the fun.

If you consider or actually intend to come, please drop us a note about it ( We'll arrange a proper location/room and facilities based on how many that actually plan to come. The same goes for beds and similar in case you don't mind mixing with us and our families to keep your hotel budget to a minimum! wink

The agenda for this two-day Rockbox mania will of course be discussed so that we'll make something really good and worthwhile out of this unique opportunity.



Here's a list of persons who are planning to show up

  • Linus "LinusN" Nielsen Feltzing
  • Daniel "Bagder" Stenberg
  • Björn "Zagor" Stenberg
  • Brandon "LostLogic" Low
  • Jens "Amiconn" Arnold
  • Jörg "[IDC]Dragon" Hohensohn
  • Christi "Cassandra" Scarborough


Since we can code and IRC at home, too, we should focus on helpful group activities.

  • Friday evening: arrival of the "international" participants, get to know the people, learn the names, have a beer
  • inbetween: to be defined. -- Larger construction sites with a need for discussions and whiteboarding are:
    • (Archos) PCM codec, recording framewalker, perhaps playback framewalker, late bitswap
    • (Archos) how to handle new features, with the codesize already being critical
    • (Overall) a playback buffer renovation
      • Playback system unification between hwcodec and swcodec
        • Have an additional layer on hwcodec targets for pre and post bitswap
        • Loadable mas codec for hwcodec
        • Split playback.c into manageable logical partitions
        • A unified status to indicate playback and recording state
      • Put metadata/album art/other on the codec buffer with a simple linked list of pointers to metadata / track starts
      • See AudioAPIEnhancement for more thoughts on this
    • (Overall) Discussion on how to extend the WPS system to radio and recording
    • (Overall) how to improve portability, get a more generic code base
    • (Overall) how to deal with the patches/feature requests/bug reports, can we do it better? should we close really old ones?
    • (Overall) Discussion of how to improve the release process and be more rigorous about recording and fixing bugs and ensuring full functionality on as many platforms as possible
    • (Overall) ideas and suggestion on how to make a more generic button/key approach so that the hurdle for new ports don't continuously add up in regard to the key assignments in plugins
    • (Overall) Do we need a 'make menuconfig' for Rockbox in good old Linux spirit to enable easier custom builds?
    • (Overall) Adding more big plugins/games to the single build (like Doom). Do we need to start offer different download packages somehow?
    • (iPod) Discussion of how to implement support for accessories (if anyone other than ChristiScarborough is interested)
  • Sunday afternoon: departure

Here's an edited HTML version of the agenda with the topics grouped and rearranged slightly


Bring your own laptop and DAP devices of choice. We'd need enough power outlets for wall-wart chargers. A USB hub might be helpful. A webcam for friends who can't attend physically will be used.

This is an opportunity to get photos of more or less all current Rockbox targets.

Check list for the Swedes to verify/check before or bring to the event:

  • USB hubs
  • WLAN coverage
  • Webcam installation/functionality


For the activities that require computers, we'll gather in the office of Contactor Data AB which is the company Linus, Björn and Daniel are employed by. We'll have access to computers, LAN/internet, WLAN, fast network to, white boards and similar stuff. We'd also get coffee going. And close proximity to Burger King! wink

Contactor's office is located a bit north of Stockholm, so it is close to the Arlanda Airport. Just 20-30 minutes by car/bus. It is also a 5 minutes walk away from the subway station that takes rougly 20 minutes to the city.

The exact address is Finlandsgatan 14, Kista Map, Google Earth Placemark

From Airport to Our Place

Regarding exact instructions on how to get from the airport to where we'll meet up, I will provide that too in time. Just let us know when you arrive and at which airport - some low fair airlines fly to the southern airport Skavsta, while all the big airlines fly to Arlanda. We'll gather at the office.

From Arlanda, try to take the airport bus to "Brommaplan" and exit at "Kista" (3rd stop, 25 minutes). It is leaving infrequently: An alternative is to take the bus to "Cityterminalen" (2nd page in the PDF) and exit at "Haga Norra" (3rd stop, 27 minutes), which is slightly further away. That bus leaves every 10 minutes.


We pay everything in SEK (Swedish "kronor") here and the rate is roughly 1 Euro = 9.3 SEK. You might be able to trick some stores into accepting Euros (at a terrible exchange rate), but don't count on it. Credit cards are widely accepted and you can find ATMs all over that'll allow you to widthdraw cash with credit cards.


You'll find that many people will speak at least some english and quite a lot of info will be available in english as well as Swedish.


If you want to extend your visit, or just prefer staying at a Hotel or Hostel (no, we will not feel offended if you'd do this!), we can of course assist you to find and reserve rooms. Expect to pay from 200 SEK for the cheapest Hostels (dorm beds style) to at least 600 SEK for two-star hotel rooms.

A hotel located very close to the DevCon location is Ibis hotel Kista, Finlandsgatan 7, (, hotel code 3121 - they do not want to be linked directly ). Distance about 500 metres from contactor. -- JensArnold

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