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Devcon 2008

Rockbox Developers' Conferences 2008

People who would like to attend, location (nearest int'l airport) and possibility of hosting



Name Location Comments
PeterDHoye Gent (Brussels) have free hosting location, must check for sleeping. Hosting would be at a hi-tech company, many tools available. There is a huge beer shop at walking distance!
SteveBavin Reading (London Heathrow), UK Very interested in coming if not too expensive, and not at end of June (aka Glastonbury week).
BryanChilds London (Heathrow ideally), UK Very interested in coming along. Will be more likely to attend if it's in Europe, but will do my best whatever.
DanielStenberg Stockholm, Sweden Intends to come no matter where we have this. Worked with hosting the previous euro devcons.
BjornStenberg Stockholm, Sweden Will try to come no matter where we have this. Worked with hosting previous euro devcons.
LinusNielsenFeltzing Stockholm, Sweden Will try to attend wherever it is. Worked with hosting the previous euro devcons.
AlexParker Lille, France (Paris, Brussels for airport) Would very much like to attend if in Europe, probably not if in USA (solely on cost).
DominikRiebeling Braunschweig, Germany (Hannover, Berlin) definitely trying to join if in Europe, not exactly sure about the US.
MarcoenHirschberg Enschede, Netherlands (Amsterdam) Would love to go to the devcon again. Wouldn't mind the USA if it's not too expensive.
RobertKukla UK (Edinburgh) would prefer Europe
DominikWenger Augsburg, Germany (Munich) Would really like to attend, but dont know if its possible (work). Europe would be better
ThomJohansen Oslo, Norway Would like to attend, if possible. Would prefer Europe due to slightly less insane flight ticket prices.
JensArnold Berlin, Germany Intends to attend if possible. Europe preferred, but not required. USA excluded due to their insane regulations. Have free hosting location.
MarianneArnold Potsdam, Germany (Berlin) Would like to come if it's not too expensive to get there, so Europe preferred - if above mentioned place is possible, I'd help organising
FrankGevaerts Belgium (Brussels) Will attend if in Belgium except between 2008-07-10 and 2008-08-10, might attend in Berlin, might attend in the US if it happens to coincide with business travel (unlikely)
North America

Name Location Comments
AustinAppel CA, USA (LAX) Is planning on coming wherever it may be. Worked with hosting the previous "west" devcon and is shopping around for places.
PaulLouden Houston, Texas USA Whether I can attend internationally depends critically on a quick decision, will almost certainly attend within the USA.
ZakkRoberts Seattle, WA, USA Would love to attend..
BrandonLow Seattle, WA, USA 95% confident in my attendance, not that I'm useful in any way shape or form
KarlKurbjun Denver, CO Would like to attend, but depends on costs
DavidHall Columbus, OH Will cook, clean, keep mouth shut when adults speak. Would like to attend, but depends on costs
ChristopheNicolas Visalia, CA Will bring wine and cheese and eat the good breakfast cooked by DavidHall, I should be in France in june/july so somewhere not too far could be ok, if in the USA more difficult for me this year
TomRoss Grand Rapids, MI Would be interested in attending, but it depends on cost.


Name Location Comments
JonathanGordon Melbourne, AU Not Coming :'(
WillRobertson Melbourne, AU I am in the same boat as JonathanGordon


Name Location Comments
RobertMenes Lyndhurst, NJ Can help arrange to host in New York City, will try to look for good travel package deals (plus I know a few great places to eat! smile ) Will bring beer!
MelbaSitjar Brooklyn, NY Would be interested in attending if Devcon2008 is near New York.
JoshNisly New York City Very interested if in New York City in June sometime.
DavideGentile New York City I would be in attendance if Devcon2008 is near NYC. Currently looking into hosting venues.
ThomasMartitz Berlin, Germany I'd like to attend. I'd like to avoid USA since they collect very sensitive data of their tourists. Europe is preferred to minimize my costs.
ManuelDejonghe Aachen, Germany I'd be happy to finally be able to attend. I'd prefer anywhere in Europe to US
GilbertoRamirez live near Laredo,Texas wanna watch what happens in a rockbox devcon and also want to help to set up systems(do connection things),can go there if its in texas and if its in july or after june 30~31

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