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Rockbox Developer Conference - Euro Edition! 2008

Date and Location

When: June 28-29 2008
Where: Berlin (HQ of VAMED Deutschland ( Schicklerstr. 5-7, D-10179 Berlin)


These people intend to show up. Please add your route/airport and expected time of arrival.


Since we can code and IRC at home, too, we should focus on helpful group activities.

  • arrival of the "international" participants, get to know the people, learn the names, have a (Belgian and German) beer
  • setup web camera(s)
  • build towers of Rockbox

  • To be decided

  • To be decided

Ideas for discussion:
  • Finally have a release 3.0
  • SummerOfCode2008 (probably too late for decisions, so follow up)
  • Merging the GUI to viewports
  • Is the license GPLv2 or GPLv2 or later?
  • Should we go GPLv3?
  • The future of Rockbox: with more and more targets supported, how can we keep development fluid (multiple screen sizes and button layouts, testing): making sure a commit does not break a target
  • The basic structure of the UI, ensuring it's fully consistent and whether it could be more playlist-centric.
  • Release/testing of an updated H300 bootloader (if we have LinusNielsenFeltzing and PeterDHoye in one room, with the right equipment...)
  • Organise a release of a complete set of up-to-date bootloaders (with any necessary testing duties allocated)
  • Pluginlib actions (if there's no decision before DevCon)
  • Rockbox Steering Board
  • New forum guidelines, and stricter rules of conduct for staff. Specifically, try to make the rules friendlier, while creating a common process for enforcing them (form responses to certain things, a set way to know when someone has moved from "warning" to "banning"). Basically, the intent is to make the guidelines feel less oppressive (where possible) and allow enforcement to be more polite while still maintaining the weight. Could use a renovation, a "code of conduct" for us staff.
  • Mull over past DevCon agendas and discuss progress of the contents (there really are some things worth going over that are plenty valid and not acted upon even from '06) Links here:
  • Status of the manual and how we can improve its slowly lagging behind state. Developers submit a small blurb along with new features?
  • IRC channel status. (#rockbox-committers and #rockbox-dev) This can be melded in with the above forum chat.
  • Discuss refactoring of the ata_* functions to better support multi-volume targets, especially those with different storage types (like nand flash and sd)
  • What and how to do with the feature requests tracker
  • And all the plugin patches which noone seems to care about... (both patches to current plugins, and patches for new plugins)
  • Speaking of plugins, lets have a look at getting rid of DOOM and Rockboy. These only net us undesirable users and should be removed for the good of the project.
  • How to deal with the remotes in the manual (aiming at an M3 manual but this is an issue for all manuals for targets with remotes, especially the (coldfire) Irivers as they can work with 3 types of remotes).
  • The menu layout, particularly the settings menus, could use a review. Work page: MenuLayoutDiscussion.


Bring your own laptop and DAP devices of choice. We'd need enough power outlets for wall-wart chargers. A USB hub might be helpful. A webcam for friends who can't attend physically would be great.

Feel free to add extra things onto this list if you feel it is necessary (such as unported targets/etc)

  • Decent camera(s) for posterity - PeterDHoye brings his DSLR and a FULL HD camera for some fun movies (who brings the MP tapes?), FrankGevaerts will also bring his DSLR, AlexanderPapst has a DSLR and a real video camera too.


Peter & Frank will bring some Belgian beer along. Add your favorite here! (last year Peter brought tripel karmeliet, duvel, westmalle tripel, 3 chimay's (red/white/blue) and kasteelbier) I assume we will have some German beer as well (a Weizen always tastes good)
  • chimay (red/white/blue)
  • leffe blond
  • lots of chocolate

Are there any local pubs with a good beer selection we can go to one night perhaps? Or places nearby that we can visit in case we run out during? wink

From Airport to The Location

Google Maps Link

International flights usually arrive at one of two airports: Schönefeld (SXF) or Tegel (TXL), both are quite ok to reach with public transportation.

Arriving at Tegel airport

  1. Taking the "TXL" busline (direction "Mollstr./Prenzlauer Allee"), getting out at "Berlin Hauptbahnhof" (central station) From there it is 4 more stations with the "S-Bahn" (in eastern direction, every line is possible) to the station "Jannowitzbrücke"
  2. Taking the bus "X9" to the station "Zoologischer Garten" (Zoo) and using the "S-Bahn" from there (also in eastern direction and every line possible) to "Jannowitzbrücke"

Arriving at Schönefeld airport

Walk to the nearby "S-Bahn" station and use the "S9" line (direction "Spandau") and get out at "Jannowitzbrücke". If you're lucky and catch the "RE7" (direction Dessau) regional train, it takes a few minutes less but you have a longer walk or you'd have to change trains and take the S-Bahn for one station from either "Ostbahnhof" or "Alexanderplatz" station.

More info

The Berlin public transport also has a nice routing planner - in English or Fahrinfo - in German. Specify date and time and fill out the "from:" and "to:" fields with the following:
  • from: '"Flughafen Tegel" or "Flughafen Schönefeld"
  • to: "Schicklerstr. 7" and uncheck the left 'station/stop' box below
Unfortunately it wasn't possible to link prepared queries directly because the sessions time out.
Seeing that there are a few other alternatives I'm also willing to help out with the route planning to find the best suitable for a certain time - or answer other questions regarding ticket price etc. MarianneArnold


Euro. If you need a currency converter, there's one here.


Local language is German. Expect at least some people to speak English. Don't mention the war wink


PeterDHoye goes by car and picks up: Link to route Link to spreadsheet with some data

AlexanderPapst is also going by car and can pick up others too (Link to route).

Hotels and Room Sharing

A list with hotels can be found here: The Berliner Congress Center (which the distances are measured to) isn't too far away from DevCon location.

There seem to be a number of locations offering rooms for 6 or more. Might be a good idea to look into.

These 8 people will be staying at the Pegasus Hostel (2,4 km):

We could establish something like a hospitality service ( I live in Berlin and have a room to offer for at least two people. If you're comfortable with sleeping in a sleeping bag, there's room for many more. -- DavidKauffmann

MarcoenHirschberg's sister has a place to stay for him and at least one more person. According to MarianneArnold it's at least 25 minutes by public transport from the VAMED.


AustinAppel will be staying in Berlin until Thursday morning and will be in London until the next Monday. Is anyone else in Berlin staying after for a bit and want to "hit the town"?


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