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Rockbox Developer Conference - Euro Edition! 2011

Date and Location

When: June 3rd-5th 2011

Where: Google London


These people are going to show up. Please add your route/airport and expected time of arrival.
  • Developers / Staff
  • Non-Staff / Users
    • CharlotteLye (Might be arriving Thursday 08:35 @ LHR - flying standby, so this can change; leaving Wednesday)


Since we can code and IRC at home, too, we should focus on helpful group activities.

  • Conference room should be available from 16:00

  • code, chat and meetings
  • code, chat and meetings
  • departure of international participants
  • cleanup the place
Ideas for discussion:
  • Android/RaaA/Touchscreen default WPS
  • Get Android/RaaA into the build system
  • Android/RaaA release - what needs doing, market etc.
  • Update various wiki pages (HowToCompile, CrossCompilers etc)
  • Keep manual build output for a manual build table so we can easily see if they get broken
  • Allow GPLv3 code (aka eSpeak problem)
  • svn properties and keywords
  • rockbox and gsoc
  • committing controversial features (how much dissent can block a commit, ... cfr. Daniel's proposal and the RSB opinion)
  • big changes: how much communication is needed, and how much is recommended?
  • Rockbox logo: make the svg file the "original" logo instead of the png one?
  • Split up manual in smaller ones (like Quick Start, Manual, and Plugins Manual)?
  • Testing
  • Test suite (on host and on target)
  • Change (D)VCS?
  • Integrate patch testing into the build system
  • web questionnaires for RCs
  • MrSomeone?'s performance review


Bring your own laptop and DAP devices of choice. Google likely has enough power outlets for wall-wart chargers (we have requested additional power adapters and some international converters be provided, tbc, bring your own if you can - UK does not use "standard" european plugs). Unrestricted wifi access is available and ethernet access has been requested as well (tbc). The room has two large independent projectors with a variety of video inputs. A USB hub might be helpful. A webcam for friends who can't attend physically would be great (see below).

Feel free to add extra things onto this list if you feel it is necessary (such as unported targets/etc)

  • WebCam for live feed? -

  • Basic Tools, paperclips, soldering stations,...
  • Pettersson D100 bat detector - ???
  • Espresso machine - ???

How to get there

  • From Heathrow airport, there are two ways into London: the Heathrow Express and the underground (Picadilly line). The Heathrow Express is pretty expensive and takes just as long to get to where we are, so it's advised you take the tube, which will take about 45 minutes. You need to take the Picadilly line towards central london (eastbound) and then change at Earl's Court for the eastbound District line to get to Victoria tube station. See for London Transport info and route planning; make sure to go into advanced options and disable rail travel if you want to avoid the costly express.
  • From Gatwick you can get a train to Victoria; there are regular trains and the Gatwick Express (which is expensive).
  • From Stansted it's pretty inconvenient, as Stansted is not really in London at all - no matter what airlines claim. wink
  • From the Eurostar terminal at St Pancras, you can just take the Victoria line to Victoria (10 minutes).
  • Google is extremely close to Victoria station (3 minute walk), someone can meet you if you are unsure which way to go but the general directions are: come out of the main entrance of Victoria station; you'll find yourself at a bus terminal. Go left and you should find Buckingham Palace Road immediately past the station: cross over to the far side and walk down until you see Belgrave House, Google is inside.

Travel tickets

  • You may want to have an Oyster card, London's prepaid travel smartcard. They cost 3 to activate (this is refundable if you give the card back, along with any unused credit) and the Oyster prices for travel are significantly cheaper than buying paper tickets. If you're only going to/from the airport/eurostar it may not be worth it, but if you/we end up going anywhere else then it will probably pay for itself. Fare info is here: - Victoria and the Eurostar terminal are both in Zone 1 (as well as basically all of central london) but Heathrow is in Zone 6. There's a daily fare cap that works automatically. It covers all forms of transport within london (tube, buses, suburban rail).
  • Oyster cards can be ordered in advance online here: but you will have to pay for delivery as well as the activation fee. You can get them at stations, either from the manned ticket counter or in some stations from a small vending machine that dispenses them for 3 (you then need to go to a ticket machine to add prepaid credit). You can also buy paper tickets there but I don't recommend it, if you aren't going to use an oyster card then just use the ticket machine at the station.
  • The last tube services from Heathrow to Victoria are at around 23:30. If you're arriving later than that you may have to take ridiculous bus routes. Avoid if possible. smile

How to get there by car

  • Don't. smile There is nowhere to park at Google, parking at the hotel is likely to be limited-to-nonexistant and driving into central london at all incurs a daily congestion charge.


Pound Sterling. If you need a currency converter, there's one here.


Local language is English (unless you venture into the East End).

Hotels and Room Sharing

We failed finding a hotel to fit everybody. These people booked at picadilly backpackers - an affordable hostel. (Note: there still seems to be room left)

These people figured out something else.



  • The Google cafes are not open at the weekend so we will need to make our own arrangements; any kind of food you can think of is readily available somewhere in central london.

What's happening




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