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Rockbox Developer Conference - West Edition! 2008


Unfortunately didn't happen this year.

DevConWest 2008

Well, the "One True DevCon" idea didn't seem to work out as well, so here we are again!

At this point in time, please just add yourself to the list while I plan a few things out for us to discuss and decide upon.

Feel free to make the users list/hardware list a table if you wish, although I will probably do it a bit later when this page gets fleshed out a bit more.


At the moment, we have a few hopefuls (although it is looking like NY will be The Place):

Las Vegas, NV


  • Where we had it last time
  • Very close to airport
  • Transportation cheaper than other places
  • Tons of things to do (assuming we ever get out of the room)


  • Meeting area will be in a large suite with plenty of people sleeping in it to lessen the cost, but most people will have to put out

Orange County, CA


  • Meeting area would likely be free and in a very nice meeting room equipped with projectors and everything (would have to double check if I could even use it though)
  • May have a bit of shuttling to meeting place (not that far though)
  • Plenty of places around to eat and perform various recreational activities
  • Nice, clean beaches
  • Home of AustinAppel


  • Transportation and rooming may not be as cheap as others
  • Far west coast, although this is a pro for any Aussies that would want to join

New York City, NY


  • Tons of things to do and some fun tech shops (assuming we ever get out of the room)
  • Excellent bars and restaurants
  • Three major airports serving all major airlines, plus Greyhound bus service at the Port Authority, and Amtrak trains to Penn Station
  • Home of RobertMenes, MelbaSitjar, DavideGentile, NickSant, and other Rockboxers, and reasonably close for MichaelDiFebbo


  • Far east coast, although this is a pro for any Euros that would want to join
  • More research needs to be done, especially for rooming/meeting area and I expect it to be on the expensive side akin to vegas


To be decided upon. Looking like late-August to early-September at the moment.

Proposed date: Aug 22th - 24th


Here's a list of persons who are planning on showing up. Please put a "(yes)" by your name if you can likely make the above proposed date in NYC. If you do not think you can make that date, but could likely make the weekend before (15th - 17th) or the weekend after (29th - 31st), you can write that after your name instead.


Since we can code and IRC at home, too, we should focus on helpful group activities.

  • Arrival of participants, get to know the names and people, have some beers
  • Set up webcam(s)
  • Build Towers of Rockbox

  • To be decided

  • Although still being decided, we should at least have a farewell brunch, if time and money allow it

Ideas for discussion:

(This list is being defined and likely will depend on what happens at DevConEuro2008.)


Bring your own laptop and DAP devices of choice. We'd need enough power outlets for wall-wart chargers. A USB hub might be helpful. A webcam for friends who can't attend physically would be great.

Feel free to add extra things onto this list if you feel it is necessary (such as unported targets/etc)

  • Webcam - anyone? (let's confirm that it will work on a home connection/filtered connection before hand this time...)

  • Decent camera(s) for posterity (the more, the merrier!...or not so much for our non-photogenic me) - RobertMenes has a Canon PowerShot A560 he'll bring along; it also shoots video, so that'll come in handy! BrandonLow will bring at least a point-and-shoot and an SLR and possibly a helmet cam... for what?

  • Power Strips - RobertMenes can bring several Power Squids (plug trees with each plug on a separate arm)
  • Basic Tools - RobertMenes (screwdriver kits, soldering iron, iPod opening tools, and some more)
  • Soldering Station - AustinAppel (WD1002)


If in New York, RobertMenes will be bringing some beer. Duvel and Chimay (Red/Blue/White) are on the shopping list. He may buy Guinness and Stella Artois as well, but he only has two arms. wink

From Airport to The Location

To be filled out. Placeholder.


You'll find that many people will speak at least some English.


The United States Dollar. If you need a currency converter, there's one here.


To be filled out. Placeholder.


At the moment, we have one potential hotel:

New York Marriott Marquis Hotel, New York, NY

  • Offers suites and meeting space with wired and wireless connections
  • Right in Times Square, in close vicinity to all major subway lines to and from the airports, and very near the Port Authority
  • May be reasonably priced (still looking at rates)
  • RobertMenes works very close to here, so he can look at what they offer directly
  • homepage for the hotel

Room Sharing

To be filled out. Placeholder.


To be filled out. Placeholder.

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