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Rockbox Developer Conference - West Edition! 2009

About DevConWest

Date and Location

  • DevConWest will take place in New York City on 21-23 August 2009. We have a meeting space kindly provided by Pilosoft Inc..
The address is 55 Broad Street, Level C, New York, NY 10004. Googlemaps link: here. Nearest train stops are Broad St on the J line, Wall St on the 4 and 5 lines, and Wall St on the 2 and 3 lines.



  • Since we can code and IRC at home, too, we should focus on helpful group activities.

  • arrival of the "international" participants, get to know the people, learn the names, have a beer (or a few)
  • setup web camera(s) and gathering room
  • build towers of Rockbox

  • code, chat, and meetings
  • pay a visit to Puck Fair, the traditional hangout of New York Rockboxers smile

  • code, chat and meetings
  • departure of international participants
  • cleanup the place

Ideas for discussion:
  • The menu reordering... I reckon with enough of us there we could actually come up with something workable/agreeable?
  • depends who's there and how keen everyone is... playback....
  • Add some ideas!

Ideas for hacking:
  • Look at the Gigabeat T firmware again and see if there is indeed a digital signature exploit... with any luck, we'll have a port in no time!
  • Investigate the possibility of compiling Rockbox as an app to run on devices where firmware replacement is not feasible (e.g. iPhone and iPod Touch) -- RobertMenes has Xcode and the iPhone SDK on his Mac and wouldn't mind trying this out with a little assistance.
  • Add some ideas!


Bring your own laptop and charged DAPs of choice. Pilosoft is an ISP and data center, so there will be wireless networking (and if needed, wired). We have access to power strips and some tools.

Feel free to add extra things onto this list if you feel it is necessary (such as unported targets/etc)

  • Decent camera(s) for posterity - RobertMenes has a Canon PowerShot A560 that he'll bring along. NickSant will bring his Canon PowerShot camera (unsure of exact model number). AustinAppel has a Nikon D90. FrankGevaerts has a Canon EOS350 and a Canon PowerShot A720

  • Webcam for live feed - JonathanGordon will bring his Microsoft LifeCam... no idea how it works on anything other than windows though; RobertMenes will ask if someone in Pilosoft can lend him one.

  • Basic tools, paperclips, soldering tools... RobertMenes can bring iPod opening tools, screwdriver sets, a soldering iron, and some more. Pilosoft can supply power strips, network cables, and additional tools.

  • Anything else spring to mind? RobertMenes is bringing his Colossal MP3 Player for laughs.

Beer ('n' Pizza)

  • Plenty to be had. RobertMenes will bring Chimay and some good craft beers, along with Brooklyn Brewery ales. Some proud NYC pizza will be delivered for Saturday lunch.

How to get there

  • We have to figure out where we're staying, but there are three major airports that serve New York City: Newark (EWK), LaGuardia (LGA), and JFK Airport (JFK).
  • RobertMenes, MelbaSitjar, NickSant, DavideGentile, and JasonAYu all live in (or near) New York, so feel free to ask them.


  • Mostly English speaking, except for a few bodegas. smile


  • The US Dollar. There are a few currency exchange places, especially downtown, for our foreign friends.

Getting to know the New York Subway

  • The New York Subway is daunting, but not so bad once you learn the routes. A handy-dandy map is here.
  • Train fares are $2.25 per single ride, but there are options for Unlimited Rides. All stations have MetroCard dispensers if you need to buy one.

Hotels and Room Sharing

  • The necessary rooms were booked at Hotel Reserve, which is about 5 minutes walk from the meeting space. Possibly 15 minutes staggering distance, which we'll no doubt test. Google Maps link is here.
  • We have one room with a single bed, and one room with two beds. RobertMenes and MelbaSitjar have their own room as well.

Post Devcon

  • Plenty to do in New York City.


  • Hey, nothing happened yet! smile

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