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Development Tools

Useful Tools for Developers

This page is intended to host of list of useful tools for developers working on the Rockbox code base.

USB Listeners

Useful for observing the interaction between firmware updating software and the device, here is a short list of programs which can monitor the USB data stream:


Firmare Decryption

SimpleFirmwareCrack may help find the encryption scheme of a firmware.

Fancy Bash Prompt

A script to set a fairly useful bash prompt (can be used in cygwin too I guess, though I'm not sure how good the Windows command prompt's UTF-8 support is). In addition to the usual, username, hostname, time, date and current working directory that a stock bash prompt shows - this will also show version control system specific information for code trees. Currently it only supports subversion and git - but it can easily be expanded to include other systems further down the line.


Rockbox Auto-Management Utility

RockboxAutoManagementUtility. This application will automate some basic building tasks, like updating, building, and ZIPing. It's purpose is to manage those tasks with more ease and to be a sort of time saver for people who build Rockbox from source very often.

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