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Development Tools

Useful Tools for Developers

This page is intended to host of list of useful tools / hacks for developers working on the Rockbox code base.

Fancy Bash Prompt

First up, a script to set a fairly useful bash prompt (can be used in cygwin too I guess, though I'm not sure how good the Windows command prompt's UTF-8 support is). In addition to the usual, username, hostname, time, date and current working directory that a stock bash prompt shows - this will also show version control system specific information for code trees. Currently it only supports subversion and git - but it can easily be expanded to include other systems further down the line.


Rockbox Auto-Management Utility

RockboxAutoManagementUtility. This application will automate some basic building tasks, like updating, building, and ZIPing. It's purpose is to manage those tasks with more ease and to be a sort of time saver for people who build Rockbox from source very often.

r2 - 14 Feb 2008 - 14:27:56 - MarcGuay

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