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Part 2: Taking the electronics apart

First, disassemble the Archos.


Locate the three solder points (yellow circles) where the top board is soldered to the frame.

On some units the there are also two additional solder points (green circles) where the top board is soldered to the "MP3REAR" board.

On newer units, there might be two additional points where the top board is soldered to the frame (orange circles). This was the case with my Studio 10 -- JensArnold

Remove the solder from these points.

Now carefully lift the top board...

...while pushing down on the CPU board below it.

The CPU board is connected with a 40-pin connector, that you have to disconnect by carefully pushing it down on both sides Use a semi-soft rounded plastic tool. DO NOT USE A SCREWDRIVER! There are delicate traces on the CPU board that you DON'T want to damage!

Ah, there. The top board is separated from the bottom (CPU) board and folded out to the side.

The CPU board can now be removed by carefully pulling it off its' connector to the MP3REAR board.

Most likely, your unit will have less patch wires than this and might have a different set of power components on the left. That's because this is a Really Old Model™, made back in the 20th century (week 44, 2000) smile

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