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Disassembling the Archos

There are several ways to disassemble the Archos Jukeboxes. Here is an approach where you don't need to bend any metal parts.

You need a Torx 10 screwdriver and a very small (~2mm) philips head screwdriver.


First, remove the battery covers and unscrew all 8 visible screws: 2 torx screws on the left and right sides, and 2 philips head screws on the top and bottom. Then you simply lift off the plastic top cover.
b5.jpg b6.jpg

Use your thumb nails to compress the thin edge of the rubber while gently pulling the metal plate over it.
b7.jpg b8.jpg

Do the same on the side.
b9.jpg b11.jpg

You have now freed one end of the Archos. Now lift the blue rubber bumbers up from the circuit board on the other end, and simply slide the Archos out of its back plate.

r2 - 22 Sep 2005 - 06:19:00 - LinusNielsenFeltzing

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