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Tasks for myself

  • rbutil
    • function to check for updated rbutil version / binaries
    • changelog shown when running a new rbutil version
    • better progress feedback when running autodetection
    • always usb-detect the player upon startup, and immediately show a notice when no supported player was found
    • installation "preview" confirmation dialog
    • clean up the BuildNames mess
    • more sophisticated tracing mechanism allowing to reveal filename and code line.
    • merge release scripts to a single one.
    • DONE clean up qDebug() output strings and save them during runtime so users can dump it and attach it to bug reports. (initial patch by me, extended with the todo item following below and committed by DominikWenger as r22329).
    • DONE "dump state" dialog to help tracking down issues: dump current configuration / selection / system info to a file / clipboard
    • DONE rework bootloader class (r18657)
    • DONE make rbutil bootloader install have better guiding messages (included in bootloader rework)
      • hint where to find hex file for h100 / h300
      • hint about flashing the OF on Iaudios
    • DONE make rbutil choose its language depending on the systems language (r18118)
    • DONE rework rbsettings class (r20823)
  • manual
    • get out the initial attempt of adding an index again
  • build system
    • create a patch to merge fonts and themes into an extras package (needs review)


  • rbutil
    • add some default configurations for the player ("average Ipod user", "file-only user", etc.)
  • misc
    • create a php script to allow hosting and easy downloading of fm preset files (similar to themes site, but make contributing much easier by simply creating an email containing the file). Allow downloading multiple selected presets and send them as tar / zip to the user.

Some wiki pages I want to remember:
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r11 - 19 Aug 2009 - 20:08:13 - DominikRiebeling

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