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Donating Hardware to Rockbox

About Hardware Donations

Lots of people come onto IRC and our forums asking about ports to newer DAPs, and then willing to donate hardware to developers in order to help them start a port. While this a good cause, it becomes confusing sometimes about whom exactly should receive the hardware in question. Therefore, it has been decided that we should have a small handful of staff and/or devs be designated as receivers of donated hardware, whch can then be sent along to any interested devs.

Please note, however, that donated hardware does not guarantee that a port will happen. As always, ports are done by interested parties, and are not scheduled to be released (basically our stance is "it's ready when it's ready" on this). If you donate hardware, do remember that:

  • Your player is going to be going into the hands of Rockbox devs. Players may be dismantled for hardware scans, or we may accidentally run code on them that'll brick the player. Things break in the name of progress; that's how it is.
  • Please do not demand a port, and please do not demand we send your player back to you. People who do this will not make friends here.

The following is a list of Rockbox staff and devs whom you may contact if you wish to donate a player to the project. Please add yourself here if you're a very much involved Rockbox staff or dev who can be easily reached, along with your location in the world. If you have any donated players, please list them, too.

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