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Download Mirrors


We offer downloads of various Rockbox-related material on


The host name is a round-robin DNS entry with three hosts in it, so when you go to this site you end up to one out of three existing servers, each being provided and maintained by a separate organization/company.


The involved servers are also directly addressable using these host names:


Each individual mirror syncs the contents from the master once every hour.

The fact that they are separate (and they sync at different times around the hour) may at times cause individual servers to display problems that aren't present on the other servers. But please tell us if you discover such a situation.

The master server itself also syncs the daily downloads from the server that builds them, but it does it every 10 minutes during the period the dailies are built.


The Rockbox admins of this system at the side are: DanielStenberg, BjornStenberg and LinusNielsenFeltzing.

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