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Hopefully most folks won't have a problem remembering all the WPS tokens. But if you are one of the unfortunate ones that have issues with this, the concept of allowing you to create a markup dictionary that allows you to build up a WPS might interest you. This VB 6.0 application allows you to locate your dictionary file, and then you can doubleclick your tokens to create your WPS. Then hit the convert button and it will convert to the WPS equivalent. You can change your tags or add tags by editing the dictonary file. You can also save or load any markup file (*.wpx), as well as the WPS files. You can use this application just to directly edit WPS files if you wanted.



Dictionary File

The file is just a text file and each line has 3 elements: 1) The token you are comfortable remembering 2) The Rockbox WPS tag it matches to 3) The description of the token/element

The delimiter is a forward slash, so don't use slashes in any of the 3 values.

  • Mapping file contents:

Application Zip File

  • Application Install Zip (Restored from my copy of 30/07/2005)
  • VB6 Application/Project Files

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