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External Related Pages

RSS Feeds and stat tracking of SVN

Rockbox at Ohloh

Interesting statistics about the Rockbox SVN repository.

Rockbox at

This is a general SVN stat tracking page, including an RSS feed and stats and information relating to developer SVN commits.

Rockbox at gmane

This is a simple list of SVN commits that can be accessed as a news group, RSS feed, or a few other views.

Rockbox MajorChanges feed

This is an RSS feed of the MajorChanges page.

UI Simulators

Prebuilt UI Simulators

Rasher hosts a collection of Win32 User Interface Simulators that are available for working on WPS and the like.


Archos Player/Recorder

iriver H100, H300 and H10

Cowon iAudio X5

Toshiba Gigabeat

SanDisk Sansa


Git repository

This is a Git mirror of our SVN repository

ROCKbox plaxo group

Plaxo is yet another networking site trying to bridge all others. Join this group if you use ROCKbox smile

Daniel's blog on Rockbox topics

By reading this URL, you'll see only rockbox-tagged entries in
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