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Port status for the FiioX1.

Port Status

feature status comments
Music playback 0% TODO.
FM Radio 0% TODO.
Recording 0% TODO.
Power Management 0% TODO.
Flash 0% TODO.
Manual 0% TODO.
Rockbox Utility 0% TODO.

Developer information

RAM setup

This information applies to the first hardware version, it may have changed in the other versions: check that.

The RAM datasheet (part of the MCP) is not available, so the only way to know the characteristics was to disassemble the intermediate program loader (IPL) at the beginning of the NAND. Reverse engineering suggests the following configuration is used. In summary: Mobile DDR (LPDDR), 9-bit column by 13-bit rows in 4 bank configuration with 32-bit bus and one chip select (for a total of 64MiB).

Parameter Value Unit Comment
Type LPDDR   Mobile DDR
Bus-width 32 bit  
CS 1   Only uses CS0
Columns 9 bit  
Rows 13 bit  
Banks 4    
CAS 3 tCK CAS latency
Driver strength half   Supported by the RAM module
tRAS 42 ns ACTIVE to PRECHARGE command period to the same bank
tRTP 18 ns READ to PRECHARGE command period
tRP 18 ns PRECHARGE command period to the same bank
tRCD 18 ns ACTIVE to READ or WRITE command period to the same bank
tRC 60 ns ACTIVE to ACTIVE command period to the same bank
tRRD 12 ns ACTIVE bank A to ACTIVE bank B command period
tWR 15 ns WRITE Recovery Time defined by register MR of DDR2 memory
tWTR 1 ns WRITE to READ command delay
tRFC 31 ns AUTO-REFRESH command period
tMINSR <=9 ns Minimum Self-Refresh / Deep-Power-Down
tXP 2 ns EXIT-POWER-DOWN to next valid command period
tMRD 2 ns Load-Mode-Register to next valid command period
tREFI 7.8 us Refresh period: 4096 refresh cycles/64ms

-- AmauryPouly - 27 Aug 2015

r5 - 02 Apr 2021 - 20:46:06 - UnknownUser

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