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Flyspray: Rockbox's bug and patch tracker


Flyspray powers our tracker to keep track of bug reports and submitted patches.

Flyspray is not for support questions of any kind! If you have a support question please use the forums, mailing lists or IRC instead. Support questions on Flyspray will get closed without any further comment. Also, please search Flyspray before adding a task -- duplicates are really annoying and only crowd the tracker, decreasing its use and taking valuable developer time to clean up. This time is better spent on coding, adding requested features and fixing bugs.

Closing duplicate tasks

When you close a task for being a duplicate, write in the comment which task it is a duplicate of, as FS#nnn. The closed task will then be marked as a duplicate of the original.


New users

You have to register with Flyspray before you can submit anything. Make sure you read the FlySprayHowto before filing any tasks.

Existing users

Use the same user name in Flyspray as you did in Sourceforge. You need to reset your password before you can log in. This will send a mail to <username> with a link you can use to set your password. If you have any problem with this, contact Zagor (Björn Stenberg), either in mail or on IRC.


Users are split into groups, having different permissions. When you first register (or reset your password), you are put in the "Reporters" group, which is allowed to write new tasks and comment on existing ones.

If you are a developer, and are not listed in the "Developers" group, you will have to be moved there. Talk to Linus, Daniel or Björn to fix this.

Mail Notifications

If you want to see all new submissions and changes via mail, subscribe to the rockbox-sf mailing list!

If you are on the mailing list, you will get some notifications twice: once to the list and once personally. If you don't want that, you can disable personal notifications in your flyspray profile.

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