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The page for Caribbean fmr-files

Here you can download the data as *.fmr-files for direct use - you only have to copy them to your player. Place it where you want according to your preferences: inside "/.rockbox/fmpresets/" permanently (until another file is selected), or in every folder you like (preset list will be loaded until you shutdown the unit).

You will always find the preset-file of a country's capital (if it was available) at the start of this country's list. There are also zip-folders with packages for a whole country (if there is more than one file) or the continent.

Don't hesitate to submit an own preset-file if you see that your place is missing - but since the packages won't be complete then - please state the date with it.


fmr-bahamas.fmr: Bahamian fmr-files submitted on [Nov 11, 2007]

r1 - 12 Nov 2007 - 00:04:52 - DagniMcPhee

Copyright by the contributing authors.