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Gigabeat F Series Battery Upgrade

Gigabeat F Series Battery Upgrade

This is a simple how-to for making a 4G iPod battery into a battery that can be used in the Gigabeat F series.

The iPod battery that was used is a Cameron Sino Model# CS-IPOD4HL, I suggest using this battery instead of others I have seen. Check out the benchmark for this battery Battery-Benchmark


Now on to the how-to:

Required Tools:
  • Gigabeat Battery
  • 4G iPod Battery
  • Soldering Iron
  • 60/40 Solder
  • Scotch Tape
  • Razor Knife

1. Remove Heat shrink from Batteries (Note: Try not to damage the Gigabeat Battery Heat Shrink becuase you will need it for later)


2. Desolder the wires from the PCB's

step-2.jpg step-2.1.jpg

3. Solder the Gigabeat Wires to the iPod PCB


4. Wrap the iPod Battery with the Gigabeat Heat Shrink & throw away the little rubber feet/strips on the Gigabeat Heat Shrink. Make sure there is no metal from the battery casing showing, this is where the scotch tape is needed.

step-4.jpg step-4.1.jpg

5. Okay the last step is to put the front cover back on and turn on the player. If your touch pad is not responding then you need to slightly bend out the 4 corners of the cover. To do this use your thumb and push from the inside of the cover out.

Note: If your cover is metal you should only have to do this step once but if you have a plastic front cover (I think only the black players are plastic) do this step once and let it sit for a little while (maybe overnight) and come back and repeat this step again (2 times did the trick for me).


6. Enjoy your new Battery
r4 - 16 Feb 2008 - 01:54:34 - KyleGabriel?

Copyright by the contributing authors.