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The custom dock for the Gigabeat F and X


The aim of project is to create custom hardware to connect to the Gigabeat F and X. It has the potential to add many more features than are currently available with the official cradle.

Check the dock pinout for all the signals which are available.

The connector we need to get hold of is the QL11203-C638-7F from Foxconn. It's the same connector used for the Toshiba PDA E800. (Note that although the E800 data cable will fit the gigabeat dock connector it is wired differently and will damage a gigabeat without modification)

This is a good connector for the project. see for price and order info.

  • connector.jpg:

Posible features

  • USB host without a charger
  • digital audio in and out (i2s, spdif, optical, coax)
  • remote control
  • recording (requires ADC on the dock)
  • FM radio
  • Car dock station :
    • charger
    • audio out
    • remote control
    • automatic volume control with integrated microphone on the dock
  • Adapter Gigabeat connector to ipod connector to use the ipod stuff
  • Maybe a TV input?


  • To developp all these interfaces, we need to have a breakout box which should give access to all the signals available on the connector :
    • All standard signal connected to standard connector ( usb , analog audio, power plug )
    • All other signal available on a pin connector (i2c, I2s, analog input, gpio)
    • The power for the usb host can be include on the board or be external.
  • We will use kicad ( ) to design these boards.

Mods to the official cradle

Digital in and out

A chip which could be used to add S/PDIF-in and -out to the Gigabeat cradle is the Wolfson WM8804 the I2S and I2C pins are availale on the dock connector and the 3.3V is available on the board (used by the Cypress CY7C65640A 4-port USB hub)


Some hardware hacks for MiniDisc players. See for example the "Adding Digital I/Os" links.

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