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Gigabeat S Port page

Player info

For information about the player itself see GigabeatSInfo


See the manual

Current status

As it stands, compiling a bootloader from rockbox SVN and running it inside an nk.bin file works and it can start a rockbox binary. The bootloader can also be run stand-alone and provides a bootloader USB mode. USB MSC support appears to work reliably enough to copy builds and bootloaders to the device once rockbox is installed. Audio playback works.

Device Status
LCD driver 100%
Font rendering 100%
Backlight 100%
ATA driver 100%
Button driver 100%
SPI driver 100%
ADC driver 100%
USB handler 100%
Power handling 100%
I2C driver 100%
Audio DAC driver 100%
RTC driver 100%

  • The LCD driver works and is very similar to the Gigabeat F/X for basic graphics. We're still re-using what was set up by the Toshiba bootloader except for changing the framebuffer address at boot. LCD power management is implemented.

Things to do before "supported" status

It is hoped to include the Gigabeat S in a forthcoming release. The intention is make Rockbox Utility the standard install method - for now beastpatcher (see utils/MTP/beastpatcher has been released as v1.0 and can perform a manual bootloader install.

Current status of beastpatcher:

  • Generic functionality - Single-boot installation works along with the ability to install a user-specified "nk.bin", or to create a dual-boot bootloader, and to uninstall.
  • Linux port - Works - libmtp/libusb are statically linked.
  • Windows port - Works, but fails silently on Windows XP with WMP10 (works fine on XP with WMP11). beastpatcher runs as single binary if built with MS Visual Studio 2005, and as binary using the external MTP_DLL.dll when built with MinGW / Cygwin.
  • OS X port - Works, after some fiddling by BarryWardell
In addition to completing beastpatcher, the following need to be done before Rockbox can be added to the "supported" list, or included in a release:

  • Solve the issue where the single boot bootloader doesn't work for some people
  • Investigate and try to avoid the situation whereby the OF flash loader sometimes decides to reformat the player (see also FS#9778 for both issues).

The following would be nice to do prior to an official release, but are not considered essential:

  • Include support in rbutil. Bootloader install would require running the external beastpatcher binary.
  • Finish the development of the "undelete original firmware nk.bin" idea to enable dual-booting without the user needing to provide an original firmware nk.bin file.

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