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Philips GoGear HDD16x0 & HDD63x0 Series


The Philips GoGear HDD16x0 and HDD63x0 series of DAPs are almost identical devices internally. The HDD16x0 has a 6GB microdrive and a 128x128x16 LCD, whereas the HDD63x0 has a 30GB 1.8" hard drive and a 220x176x16 LCD. The touchpad is also different between the two. The service manual for each one is available here There are three known models of the HDD16x0 series: the HDD1630, the HDD1620, and the HDD1635. The major differences between the HDD1620 and HDD1630 is the inclusion of an FM radio tuner on the HDD1630. Little infomormation is known about the HDD1635.

Mark Arigo committed code for the HDD1630 to SVN on 2008-06-27, and additional code to branch the HDD6330 off into its own port on 2009-12-25. Here is what works in both ports:
  • Dual boot functionality is implemented; press the MENU button (or Vol+ for HDD63X0) while booting to boot into the OF.
  • Audio playback and most core functionality is working.
  • Both devices have full use of the touchpad and all buttons. Touchpad scroll should work on both devices, but more testing is needed.
  • Plugins are enabled on the HDD1630, but are disabled on the HDD6330 due to lack of keymaps.
Here is what's needed for both ports:
  • FM radio detection is not implemented for the HDD16x0 series.
  • Battery readings are very inaccurate.

PCB Scans



  • Synaptics
    • T1005G 0538
    • ACP5060-13

  • SST39WF400A "Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. :: 4 Mbit (x16) Multi-Purpose Flash"

  • RAM
    • HDD1630: 32M - Samsung K4S56163PF or Hynix HY5V56F or equivalent (4M X 16bit X 4 banks)
    • HDD6330: 64M - Samsung K4S51163PF or equivalent (8M X 16bit X 4 banks mobile SDRAM)

  • LCD
    • HDD1630: 1.5" 128x128 - LP-9165-2
    • HDD6330: 1.9" 220x176

  • LCD Controller
    • HDD1630: Leadis Technology LDS176 (132x132 4k) or LDS186 (128x160 64k) (based on the registers found in the OF disassembly).

  • TV OUT : ADV7179

  • Audio : WM8731L

  • Tuner : TEA5767HN

  • HD connector has the markings "PWA-ARIZONA_HDD_FPC_EMI" on the ribbon cable
    ("Arizona" is the code name of the HDD6330. "Phoenix" is the code name of the HDD1630.)

UMS Mode

This trick will allow you to connect either the HDD16x0 or HDD63x0 to your computer as a UMS device.

  • Connect the player to the PC.
  • On the player, press and hold "Power On" & "Vol +" until the unit resets.
  • Quickly press and hold "Vol -" until the PC picks up the unit and shows it as removable drive.
  • A video explaining this procedure can be found here :

Installation steps for HDD63x0

Currently, Rockbox Utility cannot install Rockbox on the HDD63x0 series. The following steps should allow you to get RockBox installed on your HDD63x0.

  • Boot the GoGear into UMS mode as descibed above. This makes the device show up as a Mass Storage Device when attached to your PC.

  • Download a bootloader: BOOTLOADERS GO HERE

  • Extract the in the hdd63x0 folder onto the root of your player, this creates a .rockbox folder on the device.
  • On the GoGear, rename \System\FWimage.ebn to OF.ebn and copy FWImage.ebn from the in hdd63x0-img to \System\ on your GoGear.

Installation steps for HDD16x0

The installation instructions for the HDD63x0 can also apply to the HDD16x0. There are only two differences:
  • The HDD16x0 series is platform 101 in tools/configure
  • The created directories should be named hdd16x0-img (for the bootloader) and hdd16x0 (for the build itself)

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