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Philips GoGear Spark SA2920 Port

Player Info

The Philips Gogear Spark SA2920 is a small form factor music-player featuring a 128x128 OLED display and 2 Gb of NAND-flash storage.

It is the most basic model of the GoGear Spark series. All models of this family follow a common nomenclature: SA29XY, where X ist the size of the flash storage in Gb and Y can either be 0 (no FM-tuner) or 5 (FM-tuner added).

Following models exist:
  • SA2920
  • SA2925
  • SA2940
  • SA2945
  • SA2980
  • SA2985
As pictures for the FM-tuner menu are hardcoded into the original SA2920 firmware, it can be assumed that it is identical to the SA2925's firmware, so any efforts to port Rockbox to any of them should also work for the other model.


Fortnuately there is a series of pictures in the manual of how to open the device prior to disposal to get rid of the battery. Following steps are necessary for disassembly:
  1. Lift off the display by inserting a sharp edge (fingernail or similar) under one edge of the display and then pulling it up
  2. Remove the 4 screws underneath the display which hold the PCB in place
  3. Remove the "Options" and "Volume" buttons (they are just clicked in)
  4. Remove the silver screen bezel (also clicked in and held by the buttons of step 3)
  5. Wriggle out the PCB taking care not to damage the Mini-USB-Port or the headphone-jack.


Scan of PCB-underside, battery put aside, copper shielding removed from three solderjoints to flip it over:


coming soon

How to update Firmware

Firmware can be uploaded to the device by using "Repair Mode" of the "Philips GoGear Spark Device Manager"-software (for Windows).

Port Status


-- RolandGrichnik - 2010-01-17

r2 - 02 Apr 2021 - 20:46:06 - UnknownUser

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