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Philips GoGear SA5245/SA5285

Player Info

The Philips GoGear SA5245/SA5285 is an audio/video player with a 2.8" display. SA5245 is the 4gb version while the SA5285 is the 8gb.


What we know so far:

PCB Front:

PCB Back:

Player Front:

Player Back:

Recovery Mode

1. Hold Vol+ while connecting the player to the computer with a usb cable.
2. Hold it until the Philips Device Manager recognizes the player and starts the recovery mode.
3. Click the repair button and follow the instructions of the device manager.
4. When recovery is done, disconnect the player from your computer and restart the player.

Production Test Mode

1. Shut down the player.
2. Hold Vol+ and Vol- at the same time while powering the player on.
3. You're in production test mode and can test the display, ram etc. of your player.

Note: Prodution Test Mode is only to check if all components of the player are working.

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