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Memorable quotes pertaining to Rockbox

"Rockbox sounds LIKE A BAG OF SHIT, compared to Iriver FW."

"Apple should pay a nice sum for these nice guys who turn their fashion crap into a music player"

"Seems everyone is too busy implementing rubbish like the demo's and stupid games, and fonts that are too small to read without getting a headache, while more important issues are neglected."

"I don't think there is a point in convincing existing iPod users to upgrade to Rockbox. The fact that they chose an iPod clearly shows that they don't care about features or other codecs."

"The problem with WMA is that the existing open source WMA implementation is using floating point arithmetics, something that the CPU in the iriver can't deal with. We need to convert all calculations to fixed point, a rather tedious and complicated task. Someone with a clue needs to step forward and do this. The problem is that people with a clue don't use WMA."

"We're terribly sorry for all the inconvenience Rockbox has caused. We'll be more than happy to send you a refund for the money you paid for Rockbox."

"I think we should stop offering Rockbox to human beings but instead focus exclusively on robots"

"I know that Opera and Firefox both have ARM versions, so a port to RockBox shouldn't be too hard."

"Those crazy kids at are working on another port "

"I know nothing about Rockbox, I installed it today and it seems like a piece of crap."

"I got rockbox because i expect more out of them, and i have a right to expect more"

"Now make me proud and make these updates i ask for done ASAP, by tommorow or even this weekend would be great"

"The one who breaks yet another rombox will get shot"

 _<Scottstone> bah
<Scottstone> screw it
<Scottstone> i was only gonna use it to play doom like once
<Scottstone> too many instructions_

<Bagder> first you R, then you go over to T while slowly considering F and the adjacent M

"Rockbox has no support for such a function, and not only are there no plans to make one, there are very vocal people wielding pitchforks that hunt down and burn people that suggest we ought to include one."

"Llorean, I would like to have your e-babies, its working"

"You are not programmer, go away. I just request improvement that can spend only 5 minutes..."

"SVN activity so lame! Its really boring little fixes. When you start work at RockBoy, RockZX, RockNes that all people needed?"

<Colombo> made rockbox is easy.. developers even have no ipods, just writing easy code and its work.

  • Yet another Colombo gem taken from a "discussion" in #ipodlinux

"It's not entirely useless"
<Presence> "outsider's report" on devcon west:  these dudes are the nerdcore equivalant to "Thunder from Down Under" but with gigi beats.
<Presence> dude, my ipod touched theirs, its like inherently "better" now!

"This doesn't mean anything. Its just a collection of nouns and verbs without content or information."

The firmware works just fine. Apparently, however, our valiant attempts to idiot-proof the installation instructions were unsuccessful.

  • MichaelDiFebbo replies in the forum to insults from a user that failed to install Rockbox properly on an iPod

for the record, the rockbox recommended way to brick your ipod is this: Use a hammer. A lot. Vigourously, and with gusto.

your soltuion [sic] is broken IMO, I shouldn't have to do extra work just to use your product.

Not exactly a quote, but a good laugh just the same... starts

  • Claims we broke his ipod touch, which is obviously impossible. He gets asked for photo proof which he dutifully provides:
[W]hat we know as "Llorean" is actually the Lifelike Lifeform Optimized for Rational Exploration and Accurate Nullification (of double posts). It's a complex setup of computers in a neural network, purpose-built by the army for forum moderation.
Without a doubt, this is the worst POS OSS project ever. Ever. This has so many bugs that getting past the basic setup is a major accomplishment. I will never attempt to use this again. Ever.
i am sure that if you really knew the code of an iPod... you would KNOW that a DVD is easier
This is like a bunch of people going to the park with hot dogs, firing up some grills, and sharing the hot dogs. You're the new guy who came to the park, and said "Gee, I'd really like some hamburgers." So we said "Well, go get some and grill 'em up, we're not stoppin' yah."
Which Site Can i download off to put Rockbox in My IRiver H120? Any advice on this?
  • Forum member chop18 asking the silliest question about where to download Rockbox... on the Rockbox forums! Topic is here.

Is it true that if you drop an mp3 player with the rockbox on it, will it void the warranty, because the issue that i was having before with rockbox i dropped it, and it gave me problems when i would turn it on it would flash and sometimes it would turn on with no screen and at times it will have a white screen with nothing booting up, but i notice that when it gets the least amount of impact it would turn the mp3 player on, but before i dropped it i had two programs that were on my Iaudio X5L, i had the original Iaudio Jetshell program and i had the rockbox, ever since i havent seen the original jetshell program, that was on it, when i turned the mp3 player on, i like the rockbox program, and i got the solder joints fixed but im thinking that it may be just a program issue from the amount of impact, and the solder joint that was disconnected was reconnected it was soldered right over the previous solder joint.... but my main question is rockbox known for giving these DEFECTS to a Mp3 player?

that is exactly what happened , with the solder joints but, i think the rockbox program is doing that, because it has a hard time turning on and it is flashing, when i got the solder joints resoldered back in i been noticing that it has been turning the mp3 player on more fluently, but my mp3 player still has a hard time playing the songs, and still has a hard time booting up, i dont think the mp3 player is broken because it still transfers the files really well, but im asking if an mp3 player has dropped can rockbox be the problem or do i have to REFORMAT the drive altogether, im thinking of doing that, but i want to make sure that rockbox isnt the main problem thats why i am asking the question about it

  • Forum member chop18 attempting to clarify whether there is a known problem with the Rockbox firmware causing physical damage to the mainboard when a player is dropped on the ground (along with a bunch of unrelated stream-of-consciousness stuff). Topic is here.

Or you could simply post posts following the rules... Or better yet, not click "I agree" if you don't actually agree.
  • Llorean moderates the forum

Theres basically no way a feature would be added to SVN to work around a problem with your pants.
  • Michael Giacomelli replies to a feature request for a way to adjust the volume without sticking your hand in the (too small) pocket.

"But seriously, all of you got this completely wrong. Rockbox is a big hoax -- it does nothing. We make this "svn activity" noise just for fun and out of nothing. All screenshots are fakes. The manual is simply written because some people had too much free time, and as there was really much free time they even did that for ~20 different players! The same goes with irc babbling -- it's just yada yada about nothing, and none of the mentioned players never ran non-vendor code. This includes the Ipods -- Rockbox never run on them, and IPL never did too. We only did this to piss people like you off. Those "Rockbox Expert", "Developer" and such badges are only to fool people. And all binaries are just retrieved from /dev/random. Devcon never happened."
  • Dominik Riebeling giving a troll on the forums the ultimate what-for

We write lousy programs for a living, and make awesome DAP firmwares as a hobby.

  • Linus Nielsen Feltzing explains why the devs don't have more free time

<Llorean> What comes first, 007 - James Bond, or "01 - Pilot"
<Llorean> Sometimes leading zeros are intentional
<LinusN> Llorean: he is not named 007 to be sorted in a specific order
<LinusN> it's because he has a license to kill 

I am not sure Llorean if you read the Rockbox manual. See chapter 7.15...

  • Forum member Mosician tells Llorean to RTFM.

hay would mined explain how you would make an mp3 player cus i would like to build one myself. Thanks.

  • Forum member agdurrette can haz MP3 plyrz? We're not sure, but it's still funny... forum post is here.

"The game rockblox1d is just showing blocks wich are going down (it should be tetris with more blocks to turn around your items) Also the score starts at 341260"

"It was really hard getting all that data on a 30 gb player - I had to plug the earphone jack to keep the data from from spilling out."

  • Forum member ribbie explaining how he got 37GB of data onto a 30GB player. Forum post : here.

"This page is to give recognition to the awesome abilities of our leading hackers to produce such a badly broken build that gcc doesnt crap out instantly!"

  • JonathanGordon appears to vent some frustration at the build breakers on BuildHighScores . <- not frustrated at all... just having a good laugh at others expense smile

"Guess I'm new around here anyways I'm porting Android OS to my Ipod Nano 1st Gen and My wii I might need some extra help"

"yes thank you i understand i need the playlists to be in the correct format. on how to do that or even the default procedure to put playlists on my rockbox enabled ipod i have no clue. just because you use irc as a product line type deal doesnt mean you have to be all eletist fags. im just askin some help here man"

"haloween night is when red monsters are vanquished right? or is that green monsters?"


  • Tomers offers to do the decent thing
Quote from: dibby on Today at 07:06:38 AM BMW 320d with DICE ipod adapter - Can't figure out how to get Rockbox working at all. No sound, no controls no matter what combination of car adapter and accessory power so I've had to switch back to the standard ipod (Fisher Price) interface which is driving me crazy because I now can't delete or move tracks on the move, no flac support, crappy basic Apple interface is back again. On the bright side, FFW, RW & shuffle buttons work through the stereo

Send me the car and I'll debug it.

"Maybe if you turn it to maximum for a while, your ears will be rockbox compatible and you won't hear anything at -74"

[23:30:04] <S_a_i_n_t> Big aluminium fuckers?
[23:31:04] * GodEater remembers the 8" ones. My Dad still has one.
[23:34:27] <GodEater> that may be the single worst thing I've ever typed.
[23:34:57] <S_a_i_n_t> I ahd to admit...I was biting my tongue on that was pretty damn hard.
[23:35:09] <GodEater> and you're not helping with that
[23:35:10] <S_a_i_n_t> lol "pretty damn hard" heh.
[00:10:27] <GodEater> In fact. If that ever makes it to, I'm never speaking to you lot ever again.

From an IRC conversation about old hard drives.

<bertrik> hi funman
<funman> hello
<funman> still interested by a fuze?
<funman> i have too much of them, if i keep them all they'll group and go back to wild life
<krazykit> i've heard about the feral fuze
<funman> when left to themselves, they'll feed with fake microSD cards and go mad

Spotted in #rockbox-community on July 18th, 2010.

<Alchimysta> what is the ultimate firmware released for sansa fuze?
<alexbobP> rockbox, obviously

  • Alchimysta asks an obvious question and gets an obvious answer on IRC

<froggyman> To me, it feels like I'm always living in the past since after I see something I know that it has already happened thanks to the slowness of light

  • froggyman realizes a depressing concept about light speed in #rockbox-community.

  • Whilst reminiscing over DevCon 2011:
* bertrik sees actual hardware hacking at devcon 2011
<pixelma> with axes?

<[Saint]> Opossums play music/video, iPhones make calls
<[Saint]> s/opossums/opossums/

[Saint] explains the difference between various Apple devices, while at the same time illustrating some speech recognition flaws.

* [Saint] really needs some testes
<link to build>
<[Saint]> Oh....oh my, that was unfortunate.
* [Saint] really needs some testeRs
<[Saint]> I have the other.

[Saint] attempts to get some testers for a build of RaaA - from

When Raspberri Pi gets brought up, this ensues:

<JdGordon> noone outside of the geek commuinty gives a rats ass about it
<jhMikeS> I didn't see much I couldn't get by porting Rockbox lol
<jhMikeS> some random thingy
<LambdaCalculus37> jhMikeS: In this case, RaaA would be good on the Pi. :)
<jhMikeS> I'm guessing it's not far behind :)
<jhMikeS> Raspbox
<jhMikeS> could probably port it to my washing machine

-*- lorenzo92 adapted R0's si4079 module to R1, still unable to hear the audio output but RDS works! Let's see why...
<LinusN> now at least you know which station you're not hearing :-P
<lorenzo92> :D

* Linus Nielsen Feltzing gives some much needed encouragement in #rockbox

<gevaerts> I know I've encountered the name "Justin Bieber" a few times, but while I have deduced from context that he probably produces sounds, I have *no* idea what sort of sounds

<z180> am I allowed to donate an iUgaahbu? its a box made of a thin rock that contains a mole cricket
<z180> found it on
<soap> I say this, z180, with no anger, malice, hate, or even ridicule.
<soap> But

* A brain-bending "rock box" pun.

<webguest970> i have a hex editor for my touch 4g, should i start typing in random hex codes? just to start?
<[Saint]> What would that achieve?
<webguest970> then how do you do it
<webguest970> i dont know eventually something would happen
<webguest970> just a thought

* webguest970 takes a unique approach to iOS development in #rockbox 2013-10-07

On #rockbox:
<pamaury> chrisjj: the installer itself, which is pretty DuperMan
<pamaury> *dumb
<pamaury> oops, autocompletion ^^
On #rockbox-community
<gevaerts> pamaury: nice and accurate typo :)
<pamaury> no comment, that was a terrific typo
<pamaury> *terrible
<Strife89> No, THAT was. :)
<gevaerts> :)

* pamaury trying to get it right and failing, twice

<copper> pamaury: I'm confused, why are you benchmarking commits that predate the 40 hour mark?
<pamaury> so apparently the regression happened between july and aug since my august run gives 26h and your from september gives 30
<copper> as opposed to benchmarking revisions that came AFTER
<pamaury> no they are after
<copper> ugh
<pamaury> your 40h run is c4f2a46, which is july
<pamaury> all the revisions we have benchmarked so far are between this commit and HEAD
<copper> 2013/11/24 19:35:22 UTC <pamaury> copper: all revisions we are testing are older than the 40hours one
<pamaury> sorry I meant older from the reverse point of view ^^
<copper> That's what confused me :)
<copper> also, what?
<copper> "older from the reverse point of view"?
<copper> confused copper be confused!
<copper> :P
<pamaury> try to understand my thinking: they are older in the usual time line
<pamaury> but they are more recent in the commit order (which is reversed !)
<pamaury> anyway :p
<copper> what
<copper> in what timeline do you live?
<pamaury> I have identified a few potential culprit commits
<pamaury> in the usual one don't you ? though I admit pushing all those commits sometimes gets confusing
<copper> yeah I still can't wrap my head around the fact that september 2013 is "older" than july 2013
<copper> oh
<copper> oh geez
<copper> you mean like a person
<pamaury> exactly
<copper> oh wow
<pamaury> that's what usual people are like no ?
<copper> that is a super weird way of talking about software
<wodz> pamaury has very sophisticated TMU (time management unit). It is virtual time is multistage mapped with help of various JTLB (joined time lookaside buffers) :P
<pamaury> if I were a robot you would be insulting me !
<pamaury> wodz: exactly, at least someone understands me

* copper discovers that pamaury is a robot
Now I see the problem. We only accept bugs!

* jhMikeS successfully narrows down one of the project's problems. stick out tongue From
Have you ever considered changing a name to [God]? It would be more adequate.

* [Saint] gets his ego tickled by Jiloo -- from,43493.msg227774.html#msg227774
<shiftplusone> It looks like regex written by a drunk cat on a keyboard.
*#raspberrypi channel moderator shiftplusone provides an amusing description of our theme engine markup. -- from
2016-02-01, in #rockbox-community:
<peteski> do you all roll with the 'nix?
<kkit> i only use windows me
<petur> windows you?
<gevaerts> There should have been a comma
<gevaerts> As in, "I only use windows, me" :)
(Some time passes ...)
<kkit> petur: yes, windows me. who else?
<kkit> why would i use windows gevaerts for example
<kkit> what an obnoxious OS that would be
<kkit> constantly pedantic!
<gevaerts> PedantOS :)
<kkit> pedaNT

<speachy> mendel_munkis, I bumped you up to Developer access in the  tracker.  You should be able to directly close things as you see fit now.
<mendel_munkis> thank you.
<speachy> no, thank you.  :D
<mendel_munkis> I feel like we've had this conversation before
<speachy> yep, and I'm still grateful that you're helping to triage and clean out dusty old baggage.
<mendel_munkis> that's what happens when I'm bored for a week.
<__builtin> mendel_munkis: I'm sure speachy couldn't be happier :)
<speachy> "engineering is a highly productive behavioral disorder"
<mendel_munkis> speachy: do you have a source for that quote?
<speachy> a colleague of mine attributed it to his ex-wife.
<mendel_munkis> I see
<__builtin> speachy:
<speachy> I mean, it's 23:58, and I'm diffing symbol tables and asm dumps from different toolchains trying to sort out the source of linker issues on hardware that was obsolete over a decade ago.
<speachy> so I can reduce the technical baggage of other targets that are only slightly less obsolete.  :)
<speachy> ...and ultimately make it easier for new folks to build our codebase
<speachy> ...even I question my sanity...
<mendel_munkis> __builtin: I have that page saved to my fuze+
<__builtin> ... I maintain first-person shooters for mp3 players
<speachy> okay, you win there.  :D

2020-07-19, in #rockbox:
<fs-bluebot> Build Server message: Build round completed after 857 seconds.
<fs-bluebot> Build Server message: Revision c39f954 result: 474 errors 100 warnings
<speachy> that's... a lot of failures.
Another build round occurs.
<fs-bluebot> Build Server message: Build round completed after 1034 seconds.
<fs-bluebot> Build Server message: Revision 11274e3 result: 97 errors 20 warnings
<Strife89> Well, it's ... not *as* bad
<speachy> improved by a factor of 5?
<Strife89> That makes it sound good
<Strife89> "New builds! Five times better than the old builds!"
<speachy> up to 500% improved!

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